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    Hi, welcome to the community.
  2. Hi, I'm back selling Italy Mafia Roleplay or simply known as IM:RP script. The script is not up to date anymore since I stopped updating them since May 19. Images (read: this images doesn't represents all the features available in the script): BUSINESS SYSTEM: ACC. SYSTEM: HOUSE SYSTEM: MISC. IMAGES: Please note: - If you want to test the gamemode, I won't be able to provide that since I don't have host and also way too lazy to host it. - If you want to use middlemen, you must pay the fees. - I won't be selling or include the
  3. Hi, can I re-upload this on samp forum? I have 60+ reps there.
  4. Trusted +1. Did buy from him with UCP and Forums included. Kinda expensive with 100EUR, but worth it. Script is also up to date including mini mission and other stuffs.
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