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  1. Hi guys, I'm selling Italy Mafia RP scripts with UCP. Features: - Dynamic House/Garage [Alarm/Interior/DuplicateKeys/etc] system - Dynamic Business [Ammunation/24-7/Hardware/Mods/Wheels/Paintball/etc] system - Dynamic Faction [Restricted Skins/Rename/Enable/Disable/Color] System - Unique Giftbox/War/Lottery/Turf/Event [Custom] system - Unique Vehicle System [Mileage/Plate/Registration/Factionize/vHealth] - House/Vehicle claims can be claimed through User Control Panel. - Robbery system [Warehouse/Business/House/Player] - UCP: Faction logs/Admin Panel/Player Info/Friend System/etc. - Paintball: Custom lobby/password/gun selections - much more unique stuffs. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/fT9ZTtN Price: SCRIPT V8 + User Control Panel = 100 EUR.
  2. He clearly said " My maximum budget is 10-15€. Do not contact me if you're trying to sell something for way more than that. ". Why even bother to sell your account that over the offered price lol.
  3. you have to be patience and as Manowell said, we have a lot of money these days
  4. I'm selling my Game-Mp account for €100. Expired last year. for proofs, and infos, please send me pm.
  5. SA-MP Forum is the best place for you to advertise your own company. Place it under your signature will always promote your company. But, of course, you need to post a lot else you can rent someone's signature by paying them secretly.
  6. Well, I don't know much about .cs. Sorry.

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