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  1. Can any mods check if those commenters are legit (not the same person). $1 for 1M? not gonna lie, that looks like a pure bs.
  2. Still available. Accepting PayPal or Steam Wallet only.
  3. Images added. It might take a while for all the images to be fully uploaded.
  4. Hi, I'm back selling Italy Mafia Roleplay or simply known as IM:RP script. The script is not up to date anymore since I stopped updating them since May 19. Price (PayPal / Steam Wallet) : €50 Images (read: this images doesn't represents all the features available in the script): BUSINESS SYSTEM: ACC. SYSTEM: HOUSE SYSTEM: MISC. IMAGES: Please note: - If you want to test the gamemode, I won't be able to provide that since I don't have host and also way too lazy to host it. - If you want to use middlemen, you must pay the fees. - I won't be selling or include the User Control Panel (UCP). Update 17 January 2020: Selling IM:RP High End Account: Level 60+ Total Net Worth 400M with a Houseclaim/Namechanges/Numberchanges NRG-500 with 95K+ Mileage (atleast $70m+) Price: 40EUR
  5. No, it's not impossible. I've seen my friend using this external nametag. It records the gameplay but it doesn't show the nametag. Unfortunately, he won't share it.
  6. ex-admin? pretty sure thats gonna be detect easily.

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