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  1. Vouch, legit seller. Bought $10 worth of guns and it went smooth without any problems.
  2. seems sketchy as fuck keeps telling me i need to give him $100 or he cant sell guns anymore, i wouldn't trust him EDIT: Says he needs $100 to restock on guns/drugs that he can sell asked me to take down this post, will remove once he specifies on his thread that he's currently out of stock
  3. Is it the dupe method where you can't save the duped guns?
  4. got about $10 willing to buy packaged or unpackaged guns
  5. I'm about 90% sure this guy FullMagazine is scamming. If the off chance that something magically happened that made you happen to delete ALL of your posts and block me on Discord by accident, my bad. But i really doubt it. Attempted to buy $41 worth of guns off of him after viewing his (now deleted) thread because of his reputation/top poster/most active seeming person on the site/etc Couldn't get a way to pay him through skrill (problem with prepaid cards? idk) I even got $5 into skrill with a giftcard site and then it was locked to my account without photo ID and I couldn't send it to anyone. Anyways, he dmed me a day later and said he could take paypal again, so I asked him to do the deal, confirmed the paypal with him, etc and he told me to send the money now. After that he had to "go to bed" almost instantly after and told me to message him in the morning. Worked out a time that worked for both of our timezones, (7am for me, 12 in the afternoon for him) Got up at 7 and waited 3 hours and had to call in late for work. Finally got in contact with him and everything seemed cool but then the LSRP servers were down. Talked to him a bit over discord, tried to get him in a VC just to hangout/talk with him etc and then he started acting really weird, but i thought whatever since he already has my money I kind of just gotta trust him at that point. Couple hours go by while I'm waiting for the servers to go back up and he's deleted all of his threads and posts on multimart and blocked me on Discord. Seemed sketchy from the start and I should've known better. Probably won't get back my money since I sent via F&F https://imgur.com/a/AnlHNuH -archive of conversation (some stuff might be out of order but i tried as well as i could) discord logs: https://imgur.com/a/SsryoZI (the discord dms arent in order) I'm not sure how to report the chat
  6. C++ is nice, I don't have much experience with it but I've done a few projects/small games/random shit for school with it and while I don't fully understand how everything works, It's straightforward and powerful enough to do just about whatever you wanna do.
  7. I only really got into SAMP/rp servers not too long ago, maybe less then a year I never really got to experience the server at it's "peak" because I didn't even know it existed Really sucks that It's dying now and every bodies moving on, but that's life I guess.
  8. I'm getting really tired of LSRP being ddosed all the time..
  9. Everybodies pretty stingy usually i just try and rob PF owners for free guns, etc Usually most plugs nowadays on LSRP is OOCly to their friends I've been able to get a few guns here and there by being actually legit, but usually it's overpriced (30-40k for a deagle, 40k for a shotgun, 20k for a colt, etc) Just try to find a way to get drugs first, get cool with him then down the line ask him if he has a gun or something if you wanna be 100% legit
  10. He wants wallhacks/nametags that are safe to record with (I,e does not show in the recording) you'ed want to find some kind of external wallhack for that probably

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