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  1. Currently not selling ls-rp accounts as I don't have any other than my main to offer. Still selling money as usual.
  2. Pleasure doing business! Edit: Topic updated!
  3. Back in business after a short break. PM me for more info.
  4. RESTOCKED WITH CASH Got another 15 mil for sale up, special offer for 24 hrs, buy 5mil + and the price drops to 4$ a million!
  5. Woah! Did not expect this to happen , currently out of cash as it sold out all at once. I'm going to post here again once I'm loaded, stay tuned.
  6. Are you looking to get some easy money in ls-rp in order to enhance your gameplay and have some fun time? You've came to the right place, I started this topic planning to sell few millions and bailing out but after few succesful deals I decided to continue. You can now purchase up to 30 million at once at a great price with 0% risk of getting caught as we are going to use strict methods in order insure safety for both sides. Prices vary from the amount purchased. 1 - 4 million ( 6$ per mill) | 5 - 9 million ( 5$ per million) | 10+ million (4$ per million) Notice that the discount for quantity does not stack from previous purchases, every order is for itself, special discounts may be made for loyal customers.
  7. Very few people will sell ls-rp cash for under atleast 6-7$ a million, so beware and keep that in mind.
  8. People pointed out a lot of things that led to the decrease of pb but I'd say the main one is growing up. Most of the people I knew years ago and used to play with were all great people and RPers but most of them are barely IG these days just because they have too many things to worry about despite SAMP and ls-rp. The new wave of 'rp-ers' , 50% (or even more) that rp in the hood trigger happy boys with PF guns is a huge factor too, because newly joining people who get DMed etc.. are disappointed and forced to leave.
  9. I've PF abused like 1-2 years ago before I got contacts and all, still no issues with it tbh.

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