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  1. Naw. I don't want to risk getting banned on it.
  2. I'm still selling the guns that I listed above! Reworked everything!
  3. Thanks for vouching! Let's do another deal soon!
  4. Vouch... had a 5 euros worth of guns on the deal to check him out and it was given after 5 minutes.
  5. Hello! I am selling guns in LSRP that are cheap, soon I will make a nice discount when I hit the milestone. So here is the price: - Desert eagle, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - 2 Colts, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 4 free) - Shotgun, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - Rifle, 100 ammo, 1.5 USD (Buy 20 gets 2 free) Money: - $1.000.000, $7 - $10.000.000, $5 each million Bonuses: 1. If you be my loyal buyer (10 deals record), I'll give you free guns personally per deal! 2. Coming soon! Heavy weapons like MP5, AK47, M4, Sniper are coming soon! PM me if you want to discuss about the deal! Transactions are safe and admins won't bait an eye to it. If you do not trust me, you can bring a middleman when we are dealing and you must pay for the middleman's fee. All guns comes UNPACKAGED! (Dealing rule: MINIMAL 3 guns per deal for security reason) & All payments must be done in Paypal!
  6. Hello! I'm selling some methods how to ban evade on LSRP succesfully! I've been ban evading with 4 UCPs for around 3 years and I'm still not caught yet. Interested? It's just 1.5 euros! If you do my instructions carefully and correctly then I can guarantee you that you will never get banned for ban evading again. Note: These methods aren't like other methods, like for example: You just install a VPN and get away with it and you'll still get banned soon for using VPN, no it's not like that. These methods are unique and you wont regret anything if you buy it! And also, I'm no scammer. I'm tired of those people who come to my thread just to say that I'm stealing other's work and or I'm scamming. You don't accuse someone for stealing or scamming if you don't have any proof, keep the comment below clean guys!
  7. PM me if you sell stuff like I mentioned above.
  8. Nope, it's 100% legit you can try it.
  9. My friend gave it to me and he said he made the script all by himself, I asked if I could sell the script for money, and I'm willing to split the money. So you better shut up and stop accusing everyone for stealing someone's work when you don't know them. And I said I didn't know if there was a free auto-unscrambler in Multimart. You should mind your own business and stop ruining others.
  10. I didn't know that before because I never checked the forums and just straight wrote down this thread.
  11. Selling LSRP auto car unscrambler for €1.5 (EURO). It works perfectly, and been using it for awhile. HOW IT WORKS? Just enter a car, and type /engine. The auto-unscrambler will do your job for you. If it does not unscramble automatically, re-enter the car and type /engine again. PM me if you want to buy!
  12. I've been PF Abusing since 2017 bro, never got caught until now. But yeah, admins can check your logs if they are suspicious of you.
  13. Vouch. Bought 20 shotguns at once and the deal went smooth.
  14. Just buy guns from Ammu (Try to go to a quiet Ammunation where players rarely go there, I'd suggest Newsstand Ammunation) when no admins are on. Oh yeah, you can safely stockpile when there are no admins ingame and you can even /passgun without worrying getting banned. They key is: If there is no admin ingame, then you're 500% safe.

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