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  1. Hello there!!!

    My shop is closed for an undetermined period of time due of /IRL things.


  2. I agree, that dude is 90% possible to be Swerve
  3. SHOPS CLOSED FOR AN UNDETERMINED PERIOD OF TIME DUE OF THE IRL THINGS SUCH AS COLLEGUE!! I will reply when the store is UP again! MY SHOPS RECOMANDATION ARE: You can trust them even without a middleman, stay safe!
  4. There should be a "hidden" category where you can report "ban evaders" without them seeing your report.
  5. Can you even drop some screens? Censored screens obviously, just a small proof.
  6. You seem to be "swerve", isn't that you? So fishy
  7. Actually these admins gives fuck about small transfers, i am transfering guns like everyday and i was never bann for this thing, same goes for PF abuse. They are too busy with donations to care about these things and trust me, i know what i am talking about, im on ls since 2016 and i had the ocasion to talk in private with two admins from my country, they told me the process, i can't leak it but that's basics
  8. More deagles and shotguns avable! Hit me up! Also i ask those guys who bought from me to leave here a comment!
  9. Today's discount, buy them all for just 15 euro Or deagle- 2e shotgun- 2e rifle- 3e

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