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  1. Hey man I need middleman on lsrp money dup method, how can we do that?

  2. Scammer, offers me $2 deal to prove himself but then doesn't wants to do it, adds me with other discord acc to scam me. He was PMing me on discord for one week straight to buy from him also look at his fake discount sh*t "SALES UNTIL 10 OCT" and then after 10 OCT he changes the date to 15 LMAO fishyyy scammeeeeeeeeeeerrr bxtch
  3. Not possible to fail on bullworth app
  4. hi, i'll buy weapons but payment will be with Tether only (USDT) its a crypto currency which is always $1, equal to 1USD, if anyone has binance, kucoin or any simple crypto wallet, knows what im talking about, just comment here
  5. Whats your discord? Message me your discord I will be buying from u forever and if we'll make smooth deals, imma tip some $ too, bitcoins or any other crypto that u love, just hmu with discord

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