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  1. I told him the payment is held. Cause my paypal is new since i don't use paypal often i use skrill instead but he didn't seem to believe me lol.
  2. He's putting on a dumb fucking act he even faked some random ass screenshot that doesn't even make sense. He'll be banned soon.
  3. Do not sell to this guy he literally pretends to not have the details or that the details are incorrect after you send it to him so he can get you in trouble
  4. The guy literally sent me a payment as goods and services and it was pending. I politely asked him to confirm it fully as you do it wasn't my first time deal with G&S. Then he started demanding me to give him the account before he confirms the payment and at first i politely kept asking him to confirm it or wait 24h so paypal can confirm it. But i decided to trust him and just give him the account. So i did, i gave him it and then he started saying that the login info is incorrect which i knew was bullshit i knew the guy was up to some sketch ass shit. So i gave him the gmail account associated with the LSRP account. couple minutes later that was changed too and now he opened a scam report on me and i have money that i cant spend stuck in my paypal fortunately he hasn't refunded yet but im assuming he will soon please check his report out and take care of it. I did send him the information but he just didn't like me to begin with and didn't like me asking him to confirm the payment i guess.
  5. Special deal buy 25$ + worth of stuff and get 10mil cash for free. (LSRP)
  6. I am 99% sure this is swerve, even if it isn't the guy was extremely defensive when i said that he looked like a scammer. Upon further inspection he seems to have literally randomly posted on random 5 threads to get 5 posts and then got alts or some shit to react +3 on all of them in a row. look at the screenshot below. HE JOINEd 22hrs ago. NOTE: I commented a bunch on his post warning people about him being sketchy and his sketchy "REP" and he removed the post and kept/keeps reposting it. HE HAS ALSO "WARNED ME" IN PMS BECAUSE I WARNED PEOPLE ON HIS POST. THIS JUST SHOWS WHAT KIND OF A PERSON HE IS.
  7. I know this probably isn't anything new but when i needed something like this it wasn't public or i just couldn't find it easily (even now) so i decided to post it on here for people who need it for learning the words to unscramble themselves or maybe for coding a script NOTE: There are a couple of words that are not in the list so if you find words that aren't in this list you can comment it below and i will add it to the list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- frost flute obese roof league elbow bread travel curve pace sample test circus doll coke horny bone lumber cook myth grand ignore line crawl band sexy wool rent enjoy accent demand remote period bush spoon core bumble rain twin hire date editor horse verbal wind humour humor pier hydra lyric flip favour dirt grace girl bullet five trojan ground root dodge cake boat screw burst mate flyer buckle accept four dodgy goon lady button spider dinner sandy alone zone path drive fancy annual exact hitch mate alarm oxygen hazel booze myth cookie frost flute giant spine crawl stain snoop verbal drip yoga heal heel oral arouse obese salt crate vacuum floor entire knife ghost amuse cheek float refill hack evade palm budge cafe earth fork peak chimp court season beam yell babe male cinema flat sign cold drunk vulgar crow godly human epic drop goatee theory home sour wrist hour chef grain soap refund wire racist grape helmet bear door turkey refuse hate sale ride pastor hookah mouse break flirt pride pain tense orange loaf easter senior hurt wine pool device away album money trim trap pass beat flower diner animal hole
  8. Whats up with all these brand new users "selling" dupe methods lol.
  9. So you just lie on somebodies post because you're mad at them? Lmao
  10. i cant tell if thats sarcasm lol. I could swear you were saying a minute ago that you got banned.

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