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  1. Raif's Application Center -OCTOBER 2019- Tired of making applications yourself just to get back onto LS-RP? Wasting your time just to get denied? Well you are at the right place! Raif's Application Center will help you get accepted into the server every single time and never be denied on joining inside of the server! Raif's Application Center can also do deals as getting accounts up to levels which can take up to couple of days mattering the level that you are wanting on your LS-RP account! We as the team of the Center will be looking more forward to leveling up accounts, this is a one time service and only will last a couple days for new LS-RP players to get their accounts fresh plain clean looking! PRICES Plain new LS-RP application to get accepted inside of the server 100% at all times! and this costs $1.5! If you are wanting to get from level 1-5 this can take up to couple days and can cost you only $5 per level! If you want your account made by our service this can be done but will cost only $3 and nothing by you will be made but for patience! Information: Our service only accepted PayPal transactions and only USD, we cannot do USD according to our PayPal accounts which is registered with USD only and that we are from US we only take these kind of payments. Euros or Pounds are not allowed in our service! If you purchase a application it can take up to 15-20 minutes before getting the application because of the time that we are going to make this application. If the application gets denied you will earn your money back and a full refund on the purchase!
  2. Who's that guy? I'm a new multimart guy sorry. I'm not ban evading or anything I just joined I joined on SEPT 15 and I'm not banned yet which proves im clean.
  3. I'm confused? Any moderators and admins? Please solve this,
  4. A lot of cars around that is protected by admins

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