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  1. Hello everybody! Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement of Los Angeles Roleplay! Our story goes way back to 2013 when we first started developing the project. We had many failed attempts during the years, but the script has been effectively developed and optimized for more than 5 years now(when you include all the stops, it adds up to about that time). It is me(Bgtracker) and a very close friend of mine(Silverfire) that hold the project together. For the past few years we've managed to gain some substantial progress on the script and at this time we believe that we have enough in order to get it started. Here's a short list of the coolest features we have done so far and some of which are currently being developed and not available to the public yet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here we go: - Custom mapping. - Faction system. - Gang system. - Fully functioning admin system with in-game departments like Admin Personnel, Human Resources, Gang and Faction Management. - Housing system - Business system. - Dynamic Door system. - Collision damage system(seatbelts and helmets reduce it). - Realistic economy with weapons available only for gangs to sell and also ammunation businesses. - Fully custom GPS system that has a 3D pointer to show you where to go and includes all popular locations. - Custom jobs like 'trucker' which you can obtain at our trucking depot and have a tanker with a trailer - should you use your own equipment you earn more than if you use the trucks and trailers that are scripted in. You also need a special Commercial Drivers License(CDA) which you can obtain at the DMV. Other jobs you can find are 'coal miner' and 'lumberjack'. - Custom vehicle dealers that are owned by the government and turn all profit into the government's vault. - Realistic weapon damage and sniper system - Gun licensing system - Should you wish to buy guns legally from an ammunation shop, you should be applying for a gun license with the local police department and if they deem you eligible, you will be given a gun license and will be able to puchase legal weapons from the ammunations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently in development: - University system: -- You'll be able to get different degrees like 'chemistry' which will later help you later on with professions such as being a doctor or a botanist. In addition to that, you can also use this system to learn new things you didn't know in general. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Automated reward system for Beta Testers -- As BT members get BT points, they will be able to redeem their points for the listed prizes on the forums without having to contact an admin or the Chief Tester for them to issue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Black market system & methamphetamine cooking facilities -- The black market will allow you to buy seeds and other ingredients that you would require to produce wide range of narcotics(The feature is now available). For the methamphetamine, you'll be able to produce it after the feature is completely scripted in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Airport System -- Once this system has been scripted completely, you'll be able to travel between cities for a small fee, some custom airports will also be created and airports like the 'abandoned airport' will also be included in the travel fares. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Factions & Gangs We currently have 2 families and 2 faction that have leaders. - The Sindacco Family - Foxhound PMC which is a private military that will work both as private contractors and have contracts with the government. - LAPD -LAFD Factions that still look for their leaders are: - KTLA5(News faction) - LA Government -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff Positions We currently have a few openings: - 2 Senior Beta Tester positions - 2 Beta Tester positions - 3 Server Moderator positions - The GFX Team is looking for it's Chief and Senior Designers The Beta Team has a fully functioning beta server that is a duplicate to the original one and has the newest features there. The Beta Team also has a reward system that is based on feature testing and bug reproduction. For more information the BT positons, take a look here: https://forums.losangeles-roleplay.c...ead.php?tid=21 and for the Moderator positions, contact either me or Silver on discord. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: Our website: https://losangeles-roleplay.com Forums: https://forums.losangeles-roleplay.com Dev Tracker: http://dev.losangeles-roleplay.com Discord: https://discord.gg/W9xZhqc SA:MP: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. So, I have all the P:LA scripts starting from 2012 to 2014, Today I found out I do not have the latest version and I was a bit shocked, I must get the last one to fill my collection lol I will trade for it or I can buy it. Contact me on discord! DevonH#9632 (SS of the newest/last update?) https://imgur.com/a/J3dr0l8
  3. Introducing to you, the new (but original) Project Los Angeles! We are now back and ready to bring back all of the old memories of P:LA and make many more new ones! Some exciting features for you all to look forward to on the server: Every single house/apartment in-game is ready for purchase including all richman houses so first in best dressed to make some serious wealth to purchase some of the hottest real-estate. We are hiring members of all factions, Moderation team members from Junior Moderator-Chief Moderator. Nothing is purchased VIA an online marketplace everything is earned through in-game cash as we are a not-for-profit server. All Administration staff are payed monthly from General Admin+ Banks are able to be robbed, turf is able to be conquered so there is plenty of action and role-play between gangs and LEO's. And many more so jump in-game today and check it out for yourself! SERVER ADDRESS: Website: https://pla-rp.eu/ Forums: http://forums.pla-rp.eu/index.php Marketplace: https://pla-rp.eu/shop/ Discord: https://discord.io/PLA-RP Teamspeak: projectla.teamspeak3.com
  4. voluntary based till we get donations, I have moved the script to Red County, It will be a heavy roleplay county server
  5. I am currently looking for more scripters to help me work on a PR-RP script based in the county, Please add me on discord for more information. DevonH #9632

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