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  1. Bought some cash off this guy. He was reliable and legit. Really suprised and happy with what I got. I'd recommend him to anyone.
  2. I'm looking to buy large amounts of LS-RP for cheap. Meaning I'm not willing to pay more than a dollar for a million, but I'll be buying in huge amounts.
  3. yo man wanna gimme my stuff? why r u ignoring me
  4. Looking to buy large amounts of LS-RP cash for a cheap price per million since I'll be buying in bulk. PM me.
  5. Drizzi


    If you’d like I can personally provide you more evidence of the situation. If he indeed is a scammer then he shouldn’t be allowed on the website
  6. Drizzi


    I'm more than happy to PM the person who will be handling this evidence of payment, and other messages between me and him. I just want what I paid for, to be honest. That's all I'm asking for. I just don't understand why he would scam me all of a sudden.
  7. So I have bought 15mil from him before, no problem. Recently, I decided to buy 70m from him. We did it early in the morning, around 8-9am Eastern time, but after sending the cash, he was not able to find the password to the account. He offered to refund the cash, which was no problem. I got it back and that was that. Later, he tells me he finds it, so I send him the cash, again. He disappears, talking to me next day. AfIter awhile of struggling to speak to him, as he disappears consistently, he completely goes ghost. I decided to make this account, and message him, pretending to be a new customer. After getting his new discord, "Jizzy", I tell him who I am. He explains that his account was "hacked" by friends. He offers to give me the cash IG, but unfortunately my laptop broke so I couldn't get it. Now, after messaging him the first time, he disappeared. I decide to DM him on multimart, asking his where abouts and what the hell's going on. He tells me his brother is using his PC, and that he can't until Sunday. I ask myself, how is it possible that he's even on multimart then? After DMing him that question, he stops replying to my messages on Multimart. Even though he is indeed active, he still refuses to reply to me.

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