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  1. I left the conversation once I told him I filed a report against him, knowing he wouldn't respond.
  2. I need guns and cash, whatever you have hit me up. GUNS: (preferably packaged). [AK's/M4's/Desert Eagle's/Shotgun's/MP5's]. CASH: Looking to buy in two million increments, I will not buy one mill at a time. DRUGS: Preferably in full ounces, 28.0, hydrocodone and marijuana is highly wanted. HOUSES: Whatever property you have besides APARTMENTS, I will not be buying apartments, houses and businesses I am open to purchasing.
  3. The photo's say it all, I do not have to do much talking. The person whom came to the Dock was him but he said I was not the guy, and hopped in the car and then timed out, never returned my PM's.
  4. He is selling PF guns, he even told me in direct messages, he blocked me and now I can't even scroll up through our chats on Discord, no deal was commenced throughout Discord, it was just talking about what he has, and I asked him to continue the deals on Multimart as it's a bannable offense. He's a scammer/person who sells PF's, either way you're going to lose when you go and shop with him, either being scammed, or banned.
  5. What the account has on it. Cash: Over $400,000 on it. Guns: 1 Desert Eagle on the person. 3 AK's in a Sadler, 1 unpackaged Shotgun. Drugs: 2 ounce's of marijuana, 1 ounce of cocaine. Donator: Gold. Buyout: $25.50 USD. Why is the account going for so "cheap"?: I am no longer using the account, I plan on leaving LS-RP in the meantime. Looking to get this gone. PROVIDING screenshots to serious buyers only. Please DM me.

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