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  1. Well, I'm still out here working n shit, if you need some, you can PM me.
  2. SELLING LSRP GUNS AND GUN DUPE METHOD,UNKNOWN TO ANYONE! 10 Deagles - 20$ 15 Colts - 20$ 10 Country Rifles - 30$ 10 Shotguns - 25$ 10 MP5s - 25$ 10 UZIs - 20$ 10 M4s / AKs - 30$ GUN DUPE METHOD: 80$ MONEY DUPE METHOD: 100$ P.S. I got topic where I'm selling money, but now I'm trying to leave the game, I do crack money n gun deals,but I'm tryna stop, so dupes are on sale.
  3. I can offer you 120m's for 50$,if that's good for you,if you want more or anything, feel free to PM me.
  4. https://www.multimart.org/topic/4197-ls-rp-money-dupe/
  5. Put in cleo folder, enter the game and click k + 3 ,after that it will display any weapon somewhere, starting from the bats,ending up with m4s. Everything.
  6. LSRP STEPSELIS MONEY DUPE Hey, It's me lsrpstepselis onnat gang shit. I'm not in to LSRP anymore and I'm quite busy real life to crack deals every day. So, I'm down to sell my dupe to someone ,who wants to earn some money from it. It's 100% legit and working perfectly. PM your offers and stuff, you can see my previous topic where I advertise money deals, I'm legit and shit. Down to sell to only real niggas,not some fake niggas,who will get it leaked or something. <3 I've earned almost a grand in two weeks, cracking deals of money once in day or two. So, it's good income,but I gotta do me and stop all this gaming.
  7. it works on lsrp, you can only get caught if you rob only gun cars and admin specs you, makes some trap for you,but there's almost 0 chance to get caught.
  8. https://easyupload.io/5euzy4 weapon finder for free. to turn on press k + 3.
  9. @BestManner @anakondio @Sukoshi @Tyrone14 @S$M @Cincuenta @Mobbdeep @Drizzi
  10. Hello, I'm selling a money dupe method and gun dupe, which is unique and my own find. It does not contain poker, duplication method also doesn't show up on logs.
  11. No, I was just wondering. I'm real street nigga with big stacks.

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