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  1. Continuous scammer. He keeps saying: "I'll text you" every time when being asked when the deal can be done. Been trying to finish my friends deal whom lost his account information and he ran off with his money, piece of shit scammer.
  2. He's legit, fam. I've bought 25M in total, so far. I fuck with him.
  3. Cincuenta

    [✅] PF APP

    I need a PF license, application. DM ME!
  4. Vouch, bought this account, smooth fucking deal!
  5. Proceeded to close his post; then ghosted me, would not responded, I @'ed Droid, so.
  6. Scammed me. I reported the conversation, ghosted me.
  7. Gold Donator. Sanchez and BMX. I'll be sending every other account detail the customer wishes if they are a serious buyer, DM me if you are interested. I RATHER USE A MIDDLE-MAN, SO YOU KNOW I AM NOT SCAMMING. IF WE USE A MIDDLE-MAN, YOU'RE COVERING THE FEE'S.
  8. Yeah, you wanna give me my shit as-well? I sent the money.

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