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  1. Hes scamming everybody theres like 4 people waiting on refunds
  2. I'd also like to add I made another PM asking for a refund and I will delete this report he read said PM and ignored me
  3. Hes also scammed someone else
  4. scammer scammed me of 15 euros
  5. Sorry for jumping on the post like this, you should put a system in place where potential sellers can prove to a member of staff they actually are selling the things they claim
  6. Basically he was going to sell me 4 deagles and 4 shotguns for 15 euros, he wanted me to pay him then give him my ig phone number to set up a deal, I sent him the money (Can provide proof) He says he's calling the number, then never replied to me https://imgur.com/a/L3VK5yC
  7. User That scammed me of 15 euros, if possible check the PMs or I can send the chat to whoever handles the report
  8. I am lookingbti become a trusted middleman, anyone needing a middleman feel free to PM me and I will do so for free, this is only happening a few times until I have enough proof I am trusted
  9. He added me on Discord to discuss deals etc, I sent him $10 for him to just ignore me. I have screenshots of him ignoring me on Discord
  10. Definetly a scammer, I paid him €10 over 2 days ago and he is constantly ignoring PM, avoid the discord Maroco I got his PayPal too so look out for this: [email protected]
  11. Got a GTA world account for sale, Havent played in a while so I can't remember the stats, I do remember having a shotgun and a PF licence though Looking for guns, drugs and money on LSRP in return.. PM me what offers you have

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