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  1. Hes scamming everybody theres like 4 people waiting on refunds
  2. I'd also like to add I made another PM asking for a refund and I will delete this report he read said PM and ignored me
  3. scammer scammed me of 15 euros
  4. Sorry for jumping on the post like this, you should put a system in place where potential sellers can prove to a member of staff they actually are selling the things they claim
  5. Basically he was going to sell me 4 deagles and 4 shotguns for 15 euros, he wanted me to pay him then give him my ig phone number to set up a deal, I sent him the money (Can provide proof) He says he's calling the number, then never replied to me https://imgur.com/a/L3VK5yC
  6. User That scammed me of 15 euros, if possible check the PMs or I can send the chat to whoever handles the report
  7. I am lookingbti become a trusted middleman, anyone needing a middleman feel free to PM me and I will do so for free, this is only happening a few times until I have enough proof I am trusted
  8. He added me on Discord to discuss deals etc, I sent him $10 for him to just ignore me. I have screenshots of him ignoring me on Discord
  9. Definetly a scammer, I paid him €10 over 2 days ago and he is constantly ignoring PM, avoid the discord Maroco I got his PayPal too so look out for this: [email protected]
  10. Got a GTA world account for sale, Havent played in a while so I can't remember the stats, I do remember having a shotgun and a PF licence though Looking for guns, drugs and money on LSRP in return.. PM me what offers you have

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