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  1. I would highly suggest that you refund everyone what you have taken and stop giving us excuses like"Paypal issues", if you are not ready to conduct business, don't initiate it from the beginning, and with that being said stop lying to everyone. @Jebem Ti Majku -This shall not be counted as a spam reply, but a suggestive idea because I'm so over people who waste people's time like this @Husky
  2. There you go, you cheap scammer I also reported our chat. liars always get caught. -- He just suddenly replies after 48 hours and claim to have given me IG, good luck.
  3. This guy has just performed a scam, it has been confirmed, because he says that he refunded me, of which he never did, then I asked him to stop playing with me and refund the money for real! then he ruins his lie by saying (Give me my IG Money back) which proves he is a scammer, and I got everything to prove it! -- Also there is two reports on him scamming people!! Please drop the hammer on him, thank you! @Jebem Ti Majku
  4. He came online and replied on my private messages with a non-sense like reply (Enjoy your money) whilst he did not refund my money nor give me the promised goods. I hope he gets banned as soon as possible.
  5. @Husky This person failed to reply to me for more than 24 hours and failed to deliver me my things, and he doesn't even bother read my messages so I'd finally call it a scam, I saw him come online and reply to threads but not to me.
  6. Hello, I'd like to buy around 5-10m LSRP Cash for Paypal. If you are not willing to use a middleman, don't bother because I'm tired of scammers.
  7. Hi, nothing more or less to say that I was scammed by Blair for 15$, he failed to refund and deliver the promised goods, ever since he got the money he got sketchy. However this is the proof of payment, and if the staff needs a screenshot proof of our private messaging convo, lemme know.
  8. Buying a good level account!
  9. Greetings, I'm looking forward into purchasing a good LSRP level account with assets, let me know what you got, and I wanna use a middleman if possible!
  10. I'm buying a high level account with good assets

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