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  1. He isn't responding i want yall to ban him straight forward he a muhfucka scammer
  2. I have provided the evidence that he is a scammer don't buy from him
  3. In this link all of the stated sscreen shot are in , please do take action and ban him https://imgur.com/a/Nj6XoQw
  4. I'm providing screen shot of our chat till now y'all will see I gave him all the info and everything but after I gave him the info he changed the steam account password email and everything and than he never replied also I'm providing the screen shot of the notification I got when he logged in my Gmail , it shows his ip and the country Brazil too please do ban him and his ip too, thank you
  5. It's been 11 hours after I paid him , he is a Scammer don't buy from him
  6. It's been half an hour since I gave him my steam account with 29$ in it and stopped responding, I'll still wait till tonight which means 10 hours if he doesn't pay back or give me the things for which I payed him I'll provide the screen shot and do ban him also I I'll provide his up so you can ban his ip too
  7. I'm in a deal with him it's been 15 minutes and he hasn't replied me after taking my steam account , I think he scammed me
  8. Hey I already sold my one account with the middleman and only payment method I can use it steam as there are no others I can use in my country so I want to buy guns worth 20$ as I have a steam account having 20$ cash in it no games nothing just cash , so if you are selling guns and can accept the steam account let me know we can deal
  9. Yaseen


    Got too big ahh Appartment prime location , idlewood and El corna lemme know if you interested
  10. I got one million what's your offer ? I got one million worth of two Appartment on prime location if you interested in it too lemme know.
  11. Account update : 1 million cash in hand Savana car fully modified and maxed , freeway bike and 2 big Appartment one in idlewood motel other one is house type big ground Appartment in El Corna , steam wallet cards acceptable due to no pay pal in my country , middle man is welcome in seller fees , pm me your offer
  12. Got an Lev 8 account with 1.1 million cash an apartment in idlewood motel and a big Appartment in Alcorna and a freeway bike Also belcalis in my country PayPal is banned i use steam wallet code if you want to have the middle man you can have it on your fees
  13. Got an Lev 8 account with 1.1 million cash an apartment in idlewood motel and a big Appartment in Alcorna and a freeway bike

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