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  1. Fake.. Stole pictures from PRRP mode lol
  2. I can sell up to 7 milion, how much you offer per milion? (+ middle man on you.)
  3. PM me lets discuss on how we're going to do this.
  4. Hey, I wish to sell my account at LSRP Account level 4: 8/20 exp 1 admin jail, 2 idle kicks and 1 admin kick for pming someone. Money: almost 1.7 milion. renting a house at mulholland (looks nice + poker table) owning a car: Sunrise: Security: Lock[5], Alarm[4], Immobiliser[4], Insurance[0] Engine: 75.41, Battery: 79.62, Miles Driven: 164.85 Looking for offers in paypal or csgo skins. [Removed]

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