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  1. I have a strange feeling every LSRP/GTA W thread recently is all the same person living in a third world country with average photoshop skills (considering almost every thread has a photoshop price list). Watch a trend of non photoshop threads pop up because of this comment. Same grammar, same M.O (moving onto discord from private PMs), same photoshop skills and similar prices, etc. Multimart seems to have fallen at this point.
  2. Tried getting 1M for GTAW off of him. Said he needs to accept the payment and wait for an email. Seems like a scammer. If I don't update this post saying otherwise, he is a scammer then.
  3. I bought from him. Quick response, quick hand off, low prices. Definitely worth buying from.
  4. Bought some cash off this fine gentleman. Transaction was done quick, smooth and with haste.

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