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  1. Hey there, I have got a level 10 account with some assets. Three vehicles ( including a tow truck ). Has over 135 grands in the bank and a donor fighting style. Let me know if you are interested. Willing to show screenshots too.
  2. REFRESH has a glock with 133 bullets good for dming
  3. Selling a LSRP lvl 10 account, got 3 cars and has 135K in bank. I'm going for 13 US dollars and preferring PayPal. Willing to use a middle-man, but I won't pay the expense. If you would like to see the UCP stat, willing to show it. Hit me up here or PM
  4. Los Santos Roleplay is now back online. Players can now access the server.
  5. Hey, would like to trade with LSRP lvl 10 account with better assets? I have over 150 grands in savings and have three cars, Let me know if you are interested.
  6. There are like 300 people claiming to be DDOSing LSRP, but it doesn't seem to be that 'DDOSing' thingy if you decide to take a close look on some recent events that had happened in the SA-MP community. The developing team of San Andreas Multiplayer has entirely removed the SA-MP client version 0.3DL from the forums, download page and other related websites. The main/lead developer, Kalcor, has been having issues with the community members, who have stick up with this modification over a decade. As a matter of fact, SA-MP 0.3.9 will be last update from the official developer team of San Andreas Multplayer. The removal of 0.3 DL from the website made the majority of server owners to turn against Kalcor, including Mmartin, TommyB and list goes on. They all turned against Kalcor with hastags and other hate posts, completely attacking Kalcor in prior of this event. Also, they are asking Kalcor to make Sa-MP an open source project, so anyone who has interest to develop this project further. I completely disagree with that. Kalcor and other developers have complete ownership of this modification as they wrote the script from scratch. SA-MP is not a day's effort or a week's, they spent years working on this project. As a result of all of these matters that happened, Kalcor had banned a lot of members from the official SA-MP forum. After going through Kalcor's recent replies and posts, I foresee that Kalcor is about to announce officially that he will not be working on this project anymore. He even mentioned in a post that old members of SA-MP forum usually comes there to chat with their old pals and he won't be wasting his time anymore on this project. As a result of completely removing 0.3DL from their website, there are some errors or some buggy stuffs with the 0.3 DL server list. I highly assume that Kalcor is behind this messing on LSRP. Thoughts?
  7. I personally disagree with this guy. As someone mentioned above, this dude literally plagiarized an old post and exactly posted it here. It is clearly pointing out that this guy is intending to scam or cheat someone. Don't fall for this trap if you don't want to waste your money for nothing.
  8. Nice plagiarism. Why did you even do that at the first place itself? It is easy to assume that you are intending to cheat or scam someone by that post.
  9. Yes homie Check out my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9bSK6bl9g Maybe I'm lowkeying advertising
  10. There would be a poster stick on the wall of Moe's tavern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9bSK6bl9g
  11. What do you mean? It is not clear what you are even looking for. Be descriptive about the thingy.

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