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  1. Hey, I can write you an application for LSPD or LSSD. Hit me up in the PMs.
  2. This is not the right section to post this up.
  4. Hey there, I have got a Minecraft.net account for sale. I'll be handing out the relevant login details and the linked e-mail's full access where you can change it's password or whatever. Using this Minecraft.net account, you can download the original Minecraft Editions without paying for it. In fact, you have to pay $26.95 if you are going to buy it. (( Minecraft is pre-bought in this account, just login and download it )) I'm looking to sell this for 15 US dollars and preferring transaction through PayPal. (( Price is negotiable )) PM or reply below
  5. Selling RCRP lvl 7 account - Has over 48 grands in bank - Owns a well modified Tampa, parked near to Monty Stacks - Clean criminal record - Has 2 kicks in Admin record only Looking for 10$ / 10 US dollars, preferring PayPal transaction Hit me up through PMs or here!
  6. Someone please kill this big Sergio clown, he's somewhere in Portugual or Spain.
  7. Yeah, I was actually going through the discussion section on LS-RP forums a bit earlier. It is fun to see people (who used to be admins) roasting Mmartin and other leads. In fact, all the leads have been resigned now, even Davis. Surreal is shit, he wanted to micromanage everything and did not even let PD Chiefs to bring changes to their department itself.
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks for detailing out. I am not sure whether there is any way to do it, but you record a video with a screen recorder, it records everything that pops on your screen as a video footage. So, If I'm right, this is impossible to do it.
  9. The topic thread looks neat and well informative. I'm quite impressed and to be honest, this looks more promising and dedicated. I will be surely giving a shot, good luck! ~ Damien MJ
  10. Hey there, I have got a level 10 account with some assets. Three vehicles ( including a tow truck ). Has over 135 grands in the bank and a donor fighting style. Let me know if you are interested. Willing to show screenshots too.
  11. REFRESH has a glock with 133 bullets good for dming
  12. Selling a LSRP lvl 10 account, got 3 cars and has 135K in bank. I'm going for 13 US dollars and preferring PayPal. Willing to use a middle-man, but I won't pay the expense. If you would like to see the UCP stat, willing to show it. Hit me up here or PM
  13. Los Santos Roleplay is now back online. Players can now access the server.

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