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  1. Jamie


    Zens you are one of the biggest retards I've ever seen , don't waste your time with this dude guys. He is having some sort of Alzheimer's.
  2. Don't fall for this, Andrew98 is a scammer. There is currently no working duplicate methods right now.
  3. Won't suggest you trying to use ammo hack, personally had bad expirience.
  4. Finnaly mane! Thanks for the info.
  5. Hello there, after 20 minutes of browsing the forums I noticed a massive amounts of banned scammers and also lots of fishy posts that also look like they might be scammers. I understand there is an option for a middle-man that taxes a small fee but don't you think there should be other anti-scam measures? My suggestion is to create some type of verification or a topic with people who are legit and safe to work with, share your opinions here.
  6. What is going on damn, I see 0 people are online and I can log in. I really want to get back IG hope they fix the issues soon.

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