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  1. You are also welcome to board the train and indulge yourself into financial freedom like so many others.
  2. -Served several users -Price update: LS-RP - $1 per 1m starting from 2m and up RC-RP - $1 per 100k starting from 100k and up Active and accepting Paypal or Skrill.
  3. Hey, old-new member here. I have found out about this community 3-4 years ago at the time of TheLegitHabibi's scandal on LS-RP, haven't bothered registering until now but would occasionally lurk the forums every now and then throughout the years, decided it was time to dig in and give this place a shot it deserves. LS-RP and RC-RP goods I posses are being offered in exchange for Paypal or Skrill money. LS-RP (1m/$1): $2,000,000 = $2 From 2M and up. (VERY SAFE) -------------------- RC:RP (100k/$1): $100,000 = $1 From 100K and up. (VERY SAFE) Send a PM for any inquiries. Thank you for your time and happy shopping!

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