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  1. Feel free to contact me in DM. Prices gonna grow after couple of days ofcourse.
  2. They can see everything in logs, depends on which methode you use to spawn them.
  3. GRAND THEFT AUTO STORE LOS SANTOS ROLEPLAY / RED COUNTRY ROLEPLAY Deagle - Colt - 9 MM pistol = 1.75$ Mp5 - Tec9 - Country Rifle - Shotgun - 2.50$ M4 - AK47 ( out of stock) - 3.50$ 1 Million dollars = 3$ If purchasing higher ammounts price is negotiable GTA WORLD 1 Million dollars = 10$ You can buy under 1 million If purchasing higher ammounts price is negotiable IMPORTANT Middleman is highly accepted, but on buyers fee. transfers are fully safe if you are following my methodes

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