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  1. You open a new server every week. Give up.
  2. Website: https://ngg.network/ Discord: https://discord.gg/pDmN9q8 Server IP: Under Development UCP: Under Development Next Generation Gaming is currently being developed and is expected to launch around the middle of February. We currently have staff applications open on our forums (sign up and you will be able to apply) as well as an active Discord server with over 500+ members currently, our plan is to move back to Teamspeak eventually as we believe this to be a superior platform when it comes to roleplaying and San Andreas Multiplayer. The main site is under development and the forums are only open currently, we have some previews below for our User CP and our website. We are returning after a few years and plan to come back bigger then we have ever been, under management our management wing as Executive Administrators is also Matt Honest and Paul Duffster who were the last owners of NGG. What is our plan? We want to bring a completely revamped version of Next Generation Roleplay, we will have a zero tolerance for any rule breaking and the roleplay which can be achieved after the launch can only be left to your imagination, there will be no favoritism between any players, gangs or factions and all members of the community will be treated equally and all given opportunity to roleplay how they want to roleplay. There will be no refunds, and everyone will have the opportunity to start from the beginning. Please join our Discord

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