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  1. You can't talk about my script unless your script has a fixed hud like the radio info thingy properly aligned, Also when you're on a BMX doesn't say "N/A" but it shows only "--" The script tha you have is probably a copy of LS-RP.TH (Thailand LSRP) Poorly translated, (judging by your own english). Most of the mappings that you have look like LSRP Thai. Like the Mall Parking lot has a huge bush which is not on the actual LSRP. Image of the broken hud taken from LSRP.TH I'm not trying to "promote" anything. And if you don't tihnk that the GM isn't coded by me find it where i copied it and i'll buy the original script where "i copied from". Don't put 2020 LSRP If you have 2015 Copy. Thanks.
  2. Hello there, I'm currently seeling a Detailed LSRP Script which includes a LSRP mappings, LSRP anims and LSRP Models. The script is MySQL Based. Has a Master Account with Character Selection System (0.3DL based). Has the essentials of LSRP. LSRP Drug Addiction System LSRP Pay n' Spray System LSRP Weapons System (placement on cars, body attached) LSRP Damage System. LSRP Death System. LSRP Vehicle System. LSRP Donators System LSRP Vehicle Dealership System :LSRP Huds. LSRP Animations. LSRP Factions. LSRP Modshop (Car modding) Tester System (Same as LSRP) And much more, For more info screenshots or anything regarding the script feel free to PM Me. Thank you. 0.3DL Models Skins (Some of them) Click here to see Images LSRP Mappings Click here to see Images Vehicle List and Vehicle Parking System. Same as LSRP Click here to see Images /setstyle (one of donators features) Click here to see Images More LSRP Models. Click here to see Images Weapons Placement System (/check) Click here to see Images Vehicle Modshop Click here to see Images
  3. Hello there, I'm trying to sell my LSRP Scripts, Including UCP, 0.3DL Models, Also including the character selection thingy same as on LSRP. Click here to see screenshots. PM me for more. Thank you.
  4. You realize that you're using a fake video right? Those mappings can be seen on LeRoleplay.fr's video, The same video you cut out lmao. I hope no one fell for this
  5. I do sell anykind of Gamemode, DM, Freeroam, Gangwar, Cops and Robbers, Anything you might need, PM me for more info, Thank you.
  6. Sellings SAMP Gamemodes, Los Santos Roleplay (LSRP) 0.3DL (including all the new models) Proejct Reality Roleplay (PR-RP) 0.3.7 Red County Roleplay (RCRP) 0.3.7 Opis Gaming Roleplay (OGRP) 0.3.7 Horizon Gaming Gamemodes (HZG) 0.3z/0.3.7 Also selling LSRP Mappings and animations seperatley. for more PM me.
  7. Bump, Still offerining Mapping Services, Scripting Services, Promotional trailers (Videos)

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