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  1. Looking for basic NPC creation template. My server uses fcnpc 1.8.2 and mapandreas 1.2.1. Need a 3d text label as well over the npc's head. I plan to use this template to add around 40 to 50 npcs in various shops, burger shot, clucking bell, ammunation, strippers, etc etc.

  2. Looking for a pawn scripter that is good with making NPC's. Willing to pay 30 bucks. Just mainly looking to get a template made up so I can add all the NPC's I need to my server. IE, burger shot shot, cluckin bell, ammunation, strippers, city hall, etc etc. Like I said if I could get someone to make a basic template with one npc as proof. I am not good with NPC stuff. They don't need movements at the moment, but do need a 3d text label above their heads with certain text to interact with them. My server uses an older version of FCNPC 1.8.2 as well as Map Andreas 1.2.1.
  3. Looking to see if anyone has a gamemode script close to crazybobs cops and robbers. Willing to pay US $500.

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