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  1. You text me all the time and I'm not a child like you to stay home with nothing to do, I don't have time, yes, I said I'd fix it, but I didn't have time, so I said you could request your refund on paypal and we'd end up with the transaction, don't be a liar, show the full conversation. Come on dude. show us all the conversations.
  2. Show all conversation, i said to you refund that. the only person who is scammer here is you. besides having made a refund, did not delete the scripts. Do you think its cool? kid.
  3. 1- This all working you're dumb and don't know how to setup. 2- Show the whole conversation, I clearly said that you can ask for your refund without problem. 3- The only reason I blocked you was because you're so boring sending a message all the time, i dont have time to kids.
  4. Ofc you can get a lsrp for 10, for 20, from DudeORdude or for 200$ from MrBlazer, I can guarantee that none of these are better than my version. And that's my price, nobody is forcing you to buy anything, so don't be an idiot commenting about that. LMAO.
  5. First at all it's not ls-rp th. And it's not a 2015 copy. Don't put ls-rp on your script bc this is the worst copy of all. I can say that because I tested your script. you haven't tested mine so you don't know what you're talking about. I can guarantee that everything in lsrp currently has in the script that I’m selling, but you don’t. that was my last message, i will not pay attention to idiot, just stop talking shit at my post to try to sell this script shit. good luck trying to sell this shit for 250$.
  6. This script is not really like lsrp. Your script is the same from DudeORDude and her sell a copy for 20$, I already have tested your script and it's have some modifications like maps that probably you get it with map stealer and poor systems. I already sew it and your ucp too is horrible and very very simple, prrp ucp with simples modifications. And you wanna sell it for 250$? Are you kidding dude? don't be ridiculous, if you want to sell this shit script, don't use other posts to promote your poor Gamemode. The most beautiful thing about this Gamemode is the selection of characters and nothing more. It was made by you? I don't think so. This Gamemode is not worth more than 10 dollars. Anyway, goodlucky.
  7. What are the systems on this server? There are a lot of people selling copies of LS-RP here, but I can say with absolute certainty, this is the best copy of LS-RP. It contains all the systems that exist in LS-RP with maps and models in version 0.3DL Credits for Models: "Open San Andreas Project" How i will setup this? - After purchasing, I will help you get the server online, in localhost or in a SAMP HOST. What players can do on this ucp? - Create account - Manage characters - Create new characters - Buy Donator level (Silver, platium, gold) - Change skin - Exchange spawn location (LS Airport, House, Rental Room) - See stats - Change account or character password - Change Account EMAIL What Admins can do on this site? - Approve or deny character creation - Publish news on the main page - View server stats - View the server history applications - View server logs - View banned users - Send a message to all players - View list of registered users - View list of registered characters Payment method? - Paypal or skrill PS: My team updates this script every 2 weeks, those who buy will always receive a new updated script.pwn. videos with some systems:
  8. I'm looking for la-rp.ro its was a romanian server like lsrp i guess, if u have it to sell text me here on multimart.

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