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  1. I would not suggest to anyone trade with him, it's smells a scam.
  2. This guy is a scammer for sure, be careful guys don't buy from him nothing (edited so badly fake screenshot of money) and he wants me to go first and he dont have any reputation, Guy i would think twice before make with him any future deals. he blocked me right after , http://prntscr.com/s2yb0p dont trust him REP- REP- REP-
  3. Lets have a talk in discord first, i sending you my discord at the private msg.
  4. I payed him 10$ for 10mil on lsrp and he just took it and blocked me, no worrys i will take the money from paypal but be careful. http://prntscr.com/s2qubc Blake.#5978
  5. This guy scammer watch out guys
  6. If you you want I will buy 20 Mil each for 3$, im buying that money from paypal.
  7. I'm wants to buy around 20mil, (3$ each) Contact me on private msg by the way, @Agent can say that he gave me the money first before i pays him on paypal (i bought from him 20m) aswell *im not going first and im willing to use @Agent for middleman, he is the trusted guy i know here.
  8. Legit seller for sure, just bought from him 20Mil and then helped him for something and got another 10mil from him
  9. I'm looking to buy around 20mil, do you provide those amount of money?
  10. Hey what is ur discord? I wants to buy 9mil
  11. There is any discord to buy and sell lsrp account?

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