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  1. | NORTH WEST ROLEPLAY |What is North West Roleplay? North West Roleplay is an english roleplay, created recently by a group of friends that wants to create more fun in the San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP ). They started working on the server for over two years, and they surely planning on giving more time and efforts into it. North West Roleplay is set in the best area of San Andreas, the one and only "Los Santos". Where do I start? Before you can join our server, you will need to download San Andreas Multi-player (SAMP), North West Roleplay uses the 0.3.7-R4 Client Version which you can download HERE. After doing so, you will simply copy and join our server IP, which will be listed down below.What do I do next? After joining, it's all depends on you and what you want to roleplay in the server. There is different roads/choices you can choose, wether it's legal or illegal, whatever you want, we GOT IT. With over 10+ factions (LSPD, EMS, FBI, Hitman etc...) and 20+ jobs (Taxi Driver, Bus Driver, etc...). We offer you a huge amount of activities and careers within the North West Roleplay.You can become the best Police Officer, Drug Dealer, Arms Dealer, or even the best Taxi Driver. It all depends on you and your imagination!Why should I join? We've been working so hard to get you one of the best Meduim Roleplay server, and finally, here it is completley done. We have the best experienced staff team that offers help whenever you want, wether it's related to the server or not, they are always willing to help you out.We also have a great respectful community with such nice players that will create fun opportunities and moments that will never be forgotten. Why not give us a chance and join us?INFORMATION Address IP: NW-RP 0.2.7SAMP Client: 0.3.7-R4Language: EnglishDiscord: https://discord.gg/ns3hRtYForums: www.nw-rp.com

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