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  1. I can vouch for the seller. Done 3 transactions with him and everything went fast and smooth!
  2. Modern fishing system for sale as I am leaving SA:MP. Includes 2 types or rods ( Normal & Special ) with durability, Fishing Level ( bigger it is, bigger fish you catch ) and 4 baits to use. You can also fish from a boat if you have a Fishing Permit, otherwise, you can fish pretty much anywhere as long as you're near water. Has an interactive menu which will surely catch player's eye. Once too much fish has been caught in an area, that area will become unfishable for 20 minutes. Price is $2.50 PayPal or CS:GO skins ( with a little overpay ). Comes with full support at any time you need! For more information regarding this or any other script, please don't hesitate to contact me. Discord Tag: TheSlenderman#1687
  3. Hi. Some time ago, as a fan of Casino games, I've made those 2 minigames but since I am leaving SA:MP, I've decided to sell them. Below you can find some information regarding those: Blackjack Minigame - Up to 7 people can play at the same time, in the same table - AI Dealer - Realistic Blackjack options Craps Minigame - Can't really say much about it, it's a complicated game due to the various amounts of possible bets, but it has been perfectly made with the IRL rules and if you know how to play it, you will see it's actually fun Regarding the price, I would ask $15 for both or $7.50 each. For more information or if you eventually want to test them, please add me on my Discord. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Discord Tag: TheSlenderman#1687

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