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  1. Jasper

    What happened?

    What happened to all the sections where we could sell scripts and stuff? Edit: nvm, everything shows up now.
  2. Watch out for this community. Very toxic staff team which likes to spam their discord channel in other server's channel. Proof can be provided if asked for.
  3. Hi everyone, I've noticed that on multimart it is quite essential to have reputation points to be trustworthy and get more orders. I am wondering here, how does someone gain reputation on this platform? Thanks in advance.
  4. Another satisfied customer with an unique hunger and thirst system!
  5. Hi everyone, Over here you can view some of my work: Custom unique character selection: Unique custom journal questing system:
  6. No its not, you told me you have no money too and are only willing to trade buggy ripoffs
  7. Are you still looking? I can do this for you @tippythop
  8. I can do it for you but it's not going to be cheap.
  9. Hi there, I am the owner of UWRP and I can create or debug anything you want. For example I can create any script that you would want in your server. I have experience with nearly all coding languages and saving systems for samp and on top of that I also have PHP and HTML experience which I use to build for example User Control Panels. You can view my previous work both for SAMP and for user control panels. This is an UCP I am currently creaitng for my owner server: https://uw-rp.com/ucp Feel free to hop into my community channel en check out some of the media to see what I can do. You can either contact me on this website or on discord(Jasper). https://discord.gg/7e784MD

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