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  1. Selling it for 55$, requires to have the trucker job only.
  2. All I can say it got 2 characters, 1 above level 20, the second over level 10. PM for more information
  3. Still selling, for more details about the acc PM me.
  4. Nope. I've did this once and got banned, this one is not bannable.
  5. A simple method, synced and shown in /stats. Made a 1 bullet mp5 to 200.
  6. Known by 3 guys only, still working and undetected. A few easy steps and you got a duped gun. 30$
  7. Selling this new method for 30$ only a few steps and you dupe your gun.
  8. 50k in hand, 15m in bank, 9m in savings. got 3 cars, one of the cars includes a shotgun. in a faction. asking for 85$.
  9. Selling money dupe for 15$, NEW METHOD. Selling gun dupe for 30$, Only known by 2 - still working. Selling M4s (6$) and Shotguns (4$).

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