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  1. I'm new

    What uuup. Welcome bud
  2. [WTS] - LR-RP PF license account

    Throw me an offer. Not going to be crazy expensive
  3. Selling a PF license account. Taking IC cash for it, throw me an offer.
  4. [WTB] LS-RP drugs

    Never has it been so hard, to get a hold of something as simple as drugs on LS-RP. If there is ANYONE out there selling drugs, please do drop me a PM. I can pay IC $ or OOC $.
  5. Selling LSRP ANTI-AFK program

    Does this involve being able to tab out afk?
  6. Future or just a trend

    I just checked out a roleplay server on GTA V, and holy shit I am extremely disappointed. 1. The roleplay is shit. Now you can actually talk through a microphone, but NO-ONE fucking uses /me or /do anymore. 2. NPCs ramming everywhere, no point in even buying a vehicle when you can just steal one from an NPC. 3. Scripts are generally still shitty. 4. Again, the microphone thing is messing up roleplay. No time to even do /me or /do when 10 people scream at you. 5. Fuck this shit, I'll stick with SA-MP. and yes I did rage quit
  7. [S] BTC [W] PP

  8. FIVERP Application

    I can help you bud!
  9. Private skins for sale $5 a skin

    Very nice weapon skins
  10. Hello everyone! I am looking for an honest person, with access to a rather high amount of not so pricey drugs or guns on Project Reality. I prefer to pay with IC cash, but I can on rare occasions(If the deal seems fair to me) pay with USD through PayPal using $hustle as a middleman.
  11. Selling a roleplay gamemode

    You basically just wrote down all of SC-RPs features. It kinda looks like you're trying to screw someone over, simply by selling an already public and published gamemode.
  12. How heavy is the roleplay on the server, and does the account have an excessive admin history?
  13. Hello! :)

    Nice, welcome bud.
  14. Looking for a good RP script

    Watts city contains a ucp with web register, it's free but needs a translation from Spanish though.