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  1. This is the type of toxic paki shit you hand your hard earned money to. DWC everyone.
  2. It’s so sad to see all these new accounts, sales trashing an actual legit dealer. Use a middleman, eventually find a trusted one on elitepvpers if you don’t deem this actual old-timer trusted, even compared to all these new accounts with tons of fake vouches. @Glizzer doesn’t even know who Hustle is. Come on man
  3. False statements? You were sales trashing this thread with a false statement prior to my previous comment. Being a server owner grants you absolutely no credibility.
  4. Then move on. Your account is 2 days old, chances are you’ve already been banned here a few times. Talk about fishy.
  5. I'd definitely go with this guy, over any other salesmen on Multimart.
  6. Here's a complaint with the same zoran gmail: https://www.multimart.org/topic/4006-knox-is-a-scammer/ Broke piece of shit.
  7. User was selling his LVL 17 LS-RP account for $60 on a now deleted thread, account info can be seen on his new thread -> Here is all the proof I have, https://imgur.com/a/NVpHEYe Furthermore I disputed it on PayPal.
  8. This guy scammed me out of $60 for the lvl 17 acc.
  9. Hello I'm looking to purchase a high-end LS-RP account with several millions on it. Also I am looking for high-end vehicles such as cheetah, maverick etc. Hit me up with a PM if you have one up.
  10. Don't trust this kid at all.
  11. Back in the days I used Auto Keybot for approximately 12 hours every night. At first I configured it to type /sit and then /sa 10 minutes after.. Later on I had it writing /stats every 5 minutes, to avoid looking suspicious. I never got caught, but to be frank I don't know if typing /stats is enough. Unfortunately the official website is gone, but it should still be available for download somewhere around. Here's an old yt vid of it:
  12. Prior to the recent poker update, I won't be selling cash seperately. (The risk of getting caught is very big now) Therefore I'm selling a very high-end account with more than 100 millions, level 25+ and several fully upgraded sports cars. Price is: $250 firms (I can throw in another high level account with a PF license, but I forgot the secret word for that one unfortunately.) We can use a middleman if you want to, but it has to be a verified one. Suggesting we can find one from elitepvpers?
  13. Zens


    I have LSRP cash at $3 per mill.

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