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  1. Hello. I'm selling a few millions on LS-RP. $7 per million and $3 each packaged AK-47. Deals through main man HUSTLE G.
  2. High end LSRP account


    This seem sketchy as fuck.
  4. I'm new

    What uuup. Welcome bud
  5. [WTS] - LR-RP PF license account

    Throw me an offer. Not going to be crazy expensive
  6. Selling a PF license account. Taking IC cash for it, throw me an offer.
  7. [WTB] LS-RP drugs

    Never has it been so hard, to get a hold of something as simple as drugs on LS-RP. If there is ANYONE out there selling drugs, please do drop me a PM. I can pay IC $ or OOC $.
  8. Selling LSRP ANTI-AFK program

    Does this involve being able to tab out afk?
  9. [S] BTC [W] PP

  10. FIVERP Application

    I can help you bud!
  11. Private skins for sale $5 a skin

    Very nice weapon skins
  12. Hello everyone! I am looking for an honest person, with access to a rather high amount of not so pricey drugs or guns on Project Reality. I prefer to pay with IC cash, but I can on rare occasions(If the deal seems fair to me) pay with USD through PayPal using $hustle as a middleman.
  13. Selling a roleplay gamemode

    You basically just wrote down all of SC-RPs features. It kinda looks like you're trying to screw someone over, simply by selling an already public and published gamemode.


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