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  1. Zens

    [WTB] LS-RP Account

    Still looking for an account.
  2. I don't need porn, It was a obvious attempt to impersonate me and clearly it worked on you (As such the account's name has been removed and banned)

  3. Zens

    [WTB] LS-RP Account

    Hello I am looking to purchase an account on LS-RP. Stats doesn't matter, but it's always nice with some good stats. Prefer using Hustle as MM.
  4. User offers insane payments for miscellaneous products, but proceeds to deliver not even half of the payment. Furthermore invents fictive transactions, that never took place to boost his trust amongst this community. And oh yeah, he admitted to his wrongdoing.
  5. Zens

    Selling LSRP Millions for GTA V on Steam

    Don't bother. Sold him a GTA V key for 2.5m out of the 10m promised. I actually hope someone did scam him as he described above.
  6. Hello I have 0.45494346 ETH(Ethereum) and I'm looking to convert it into PayPal. Please throw me some offers. (Value is approx. 262.68 USD today at 31/05/2018) Refer to https://currencio.co/eth/usd/
  7. Zens

    WTB LS-RP Account

    Hello. I am looking for a decent or high-end LS-RP account. Please hit me up if you have one for sale.
  8. Zens

    LSRP account for sale

    How much are you asking for it?
  9. Zens

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome.. eh.. bot?
  10. Zens

    $hustle ?

    Just give him some time.. He is and has always been reliable.
  11. How heavy is the roleplay on the server, and does the account have an excessive admin history?


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