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  1. Ultimate Generation Roleplay Monthly Newspaper Website: coming-soon Forums: coming-soon SA-MP IP: sa-mp.me:3772 About Us: Ultimate Generation is a Role-Playing server where you act out the life of the character (real life) you have made. Our server is currently at Medium Role-play level, but we're working hard to make it to Heavy Role-play sometime soon, so rules won't be so strict but you will be still able to find quality Role-Players or actually build a new friendship? Our server is now running for one day, we're investing as much effort as possible to succeed and become another Role-play server, where you will be able to relax, have fun, enjoy and where you will find more friends. I don't have any doubts about that since we're nice friendly staff members and community! This server is owned/managed by James_Collins. Server Features: Event System V.I.P System V.I.P Toys, Health Insurance, Gold Room & Vehicles System House System Business System (24/7 Shop, Ammunation, & Clothes Shop) Gang, Families & Public Services System 2 Hour Weapon Restrictions (to keep Deathmatch at a low) Server Updates Bank Robbery System Easy to use Script Accessories/Toys for your character And Much More..... Jobs: Detective Lawyer Whore Drug Dealer Mechanic Bodyguard Arms Dealer Boxer Taxi Driver Drug Smuggling Craftsman Trucker Public Services: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - [Open] Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - [Open] Fire Department of San Andreas (FDSA) - [Open] Judical System - [Open] The Government - [Open] San Andreas Sheriff Police (SASD) - [Open] Hitman - [Open] San Andreas News (SANews) - [Open] Tierra Robada - [Closed until more players] San Andreas Armed Services (SAAS) - [Closed until more players] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1: How do I get a refund? Answer: Once you get in game, type this in-game /report Refund Request. Note, there must be an Admin Online to give you a refund, check /admins when in-game and If no admins are online when you're in-game request it on our forums in "Administrative Requests". Q2: Who is the owner of Ultimate Generation Roleplay? Answer: James_Collins Q3: How long has UGRP been active? Answer: Only since 29/07/2020 Q4: Are you hiring Staff, Faction, Gang and Family Members? Answer: Yes we are! You can apply on the forums to get them Q5: Are you light, medium or heavy Roleplay Community? Answer: We are a Medium Roleplay community at the moment. Q6: Do you do in-game gifts? Answer: Yes we do! We do them once every one or two months and during special occasions as well. Q7: Why you using free host? Answer: We are currently in beta still, would like everyone's feedback on our server and try to make it the best server you've been on! The End: So if you're looking for new server where you can build totally new life then you're more then welcome at our server! But I would like to ask you to spend just few minutes of your life to connect, to actually see the script, to see what we're offering you, thanks for reading and new life is waiting on you, hope to see you there! Smiley [/list][/list]

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