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  1. I'm selling LSRP Script with Beta UCP. The script does have fully functional MDC same as LSRP. Dynamic Factions System (Legal, Ilegal, Medic, Gov) Dynamic Gates System (Moveable gates via /barrier or /gates adjustable for factions, ranks, players etc.) Dynamic Doors System (Moveable doors via /door, same as gates system adjustable for factions ranks players etc) 1 to 1 Damages System with LSRP. (Modes: Knocked out, Brutally Wounded, Dead and Headshotted. Very nice Legal Faction System, For Police Including the new MDC textdraw based also the whole penal code same as LSRP. It
  2. Selling Los Santos Roleplay Gamemode including BETA UCP with 3D Garage, New Graffiti System New and Improved Damages System Improved Drugs System 0.3DL Models + 0.3DL Maps. For more PM
  3. I do have LSRP script including the BETA UCP. If you're interested PM me.
  4. Selling OGRP (P:LA) Script Images: https://imgur.com/a/3riAh7a https://imgur.com/a/cZlPhLZ
  5. As the title says, i'm selling FoCo TDM script, Last version of FoCo TDM. DM for scs
  6. The title says it all. I'm offering Scripting services and also selling scripts. Roleplay, DM and DM.
  7. I have the latest update before Foco went down. For more please contact me via PMs. Also i can script / map for anyone interested.
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