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  1. I was in search myself for the same thing. I even tried to contact some of the GTAW staff team but no luck soo far. It's a perfect script and tbh I doubt they are down for selling it at any price. :/
  2. Hello everyone, I was in search for a nice game mode for a long time, found it finally and have been translating it to my native language. The game mode is pretty great but there is a few systems that I would like to add to it. Unfortunately I don't know how since I'm, myself, not a scriptor. I add some things but generally there is few more things that I want to add to it. If you are serious and responsible (and fast as well :D) I think we can make a deal. These systems that I want to add are not that complex I would say and someone with a medium knowledge of scripting could do it in f
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