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  1. Hey everyone I had an old account here that i mainly used to ghost this forum. However I forgot the username so I created a new one that I intend to use. I am Daniel. I am a Senior Software Developer/SystemSpecialist at a Company in Denmark where I work in a "core" team that develops central systems, automation of internal workflows with Powershell, central component that is shared(Made in .NET/C#) between departments, build systems, Azure component development, automated deployment(CI/CD), Research of new Technology and Architecture. In other words; we are nerds that love learning new technology, write a lot and push the limits. That also means we work too many hours... I love meeting new people, and especially people who wish to create new projects. I am looking into starting a private project that could either become something fun to work on or a project that could become a company. Apart from being addicted to learning... I love playing games when I need to relax or traveling with my girlfriend.
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