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  1. "Multimart is an all purpose site; We aren't just here for people who sell virtual goods on platforms such as SA-MP; FiveM or otherwise; We made the decision to close the virtual items section while we evaluate our choices" As for: "A lot of people came to your site for these things, It's like you shut down every possible option and they just came here and wasted their time." People came to multimart to make money, to sell what they have to people who want virtual goods; Not to support multimart, we have no obligation to keep sections open for people to make money hand over fist; If we choose to close a section while we evaluate our options, choices/community; Then we are within our right to do so.... Multimart is funded solely by those who run it, for all intensive purposes we're a Non-Profit; We allow and accept donations for those who wish to actively support the site and ensure that it stays up so they're able to use it. We also have subscription based packages for those who wish to contribute on a regular basis, monthly; yearly... Along with advertisement packages for those who wish to have their products/listings on the front page, threads or anywhere that's deemed high-traffic; This also includes in emails (at a higher price)... Multimart isn't around or here to serve "You" (the users); We're here to act as a platform for you to provide easily accessible knowledge to things you're proficient at, sell your unwanted virtual assets, provide services or alternative (legal) products... The general vibe Multimart has is that of greed, toxicity and ungratefulness, in most cases a good portion of the users are all three of those things to pretty much everyone because they don't understand how to be social or kind...
  2. Hello, Multimart is an all purpose site; We aren't just here for people who sell virtual goods on platforms such as SA-MP; FiveM or otherwise; We made the decision to close the virtual items section while we evaluate our choices and where we'd like to take the site, pursuant to this the section was closed and left readable for anyone who has or had threads open (this will be changing). As soon as the section was closed we intentionally laid restrictions down to what can be posted in specific categories/sections to as-least in part attempt to curb the inevitable amount of threads being posted in the incorrect category/section due to the closure, this while acting as a warning most of the community neglected to read, understand or follow the instruction; This resulted in a warning to begin with, then a seven day ban and now as it stands a thirty day ban (this will stay in place). Due to this and due to the communities lack of understanding or respect for our choices while we come to a final conclusion the section will remain closed for the foreseeable future; And as it stands, I personally won't be reopening the section as the SA-MP community as of current and the community behind LS-RP/SA-MP sales are toxic, disrespectful, ungrateful, narcissistic, moronic and outright pathetic; Or at-least in part mostly are, there are a few decent people. All the best.
  3. With the recent closure of the SA-MP LS-RP Market section; There has been an increase in sales related to it in the General Market (This category); This is not the correct place to be posting such content, sales, items or services specifically for LS-RP; All threads that are posted here that related specifically to LS-RP and services relating to in-games currency, items, accounts or otherwise will be removed or hidden. Further posts by the same users will result in warnings being issues.
  4. On the note of "Bay Area Roleplay"; It wasn't that there wasn't a competent scripter' available, It was because the scripter ripped code from multiple sources; Stole code from the original server by the guy who created it called "Jamie"; Along with ripping and plagiarising code from myself on multiple occasions.
  5. 0.3DL was a gimmick; It was requested by the community for years and by the time Kalcor got around to developing it the playerbase was already in decline; Keeping in mind that as far as I can remember the first mention of having a network-synced mod support system was around the same time as ModLoader started development.... There's nothing that can be done really; He has always been a little too late to everything and with GTA:V Roleplay and Multiplayer mods becoming m ore of a mainstream thing outside the Russian community, SA-MP's community is looking at getting smaller and smaller.
  6. Hi, We're unable to provide help without proof; Further more, there's not much we or you can do, Steam explicitly prohibits the sale of accounts or account trades; And any actions taken fourth by the account owner that fall within a breach of their Terms Of Service they usually don't do anything about it. As for Multimart; We require proof and a detailed account of the situation to do anything; What you've provided just isn't enough for us to act currently.
  7. Please report the Private Conversation as this is the only way we're able to verify the information... @Blair has 48 hours to respond.
  8. I'm currently on a break from doing maintenance work on Multimart to be able to focus entirely on my client base; After the most recent series of patches there were a few things that broke on the site which took me a little too long to fix... As for complimentary systems to go along side the Transaction System pre or post release, we've looked into this and even developed our own verification system that is no longer in use due to some issue with GDPR Compliance. We're continually trying to improve Multimart, its systems and more; I do agree with bringing on more moderators however that is also a time intensive process as we don't just add people and say here's what you do; There's an entire paper trial to sign including NDA's and agreements.
  9. @Verbal - To implement a system like this we’d need to develop an in-house solution, I’ve been working on a design and general plan for this type of feature for the last couple months and plotting out what kind of systems and implementations we’d actually need to support a large scale transaction system... Or at least holding system of course we’d also have to calculate costs based on a moving scale that’s based on the transaction amount.. Due to how IP.Pages functions there’s very little we can actually do to ensure that all information is encrypted and only held on our servers for a short period of time or for a period of time where the transaction is actually placed on hold, as such I have been reaching out to more experienced developers who worked on the forum suite were using for a longer period of time... But due to the nature of the kind of system we’re already looking into it’s been a long process of back and fourth between developers who have the time to discuss our options to provide a product that functions correctly and also the availability of long term support of the product with all rights remaining in the hands of myself, multi mart or Avovix... We only directly support PayPal transactions and don’t intend to support credit card transactions mainly due to having to step out of the PayPal scene to process those transactions with an additional free. Getting an in-house developer on board besides myself that knows IPS more in depth than I do or as planned hiring someone to do the work and then support the product after completion will cost a fair bit more than an already developed and supported product by the suites development team that has documentation... So to give you a rough estimate we’re looking closer to £500 or more depending on who accepts the project... @Husky is indeed correct in saying that IP.Pages would bring a lot more flexibility to the site and some mo3re features, we did intend to bring a Updates list, coming soon page and suggestions pages all embedded on the IP.Pages framework to better display information in a fluid and responsive format without having to change much and being able to use it like any forum post, private message or status... Without me having to do the bulky backend framework and maintenance which in itself would’ve taken hours compared to minutes with IP.Pages. I apologise for the long response however just stating a rough estimate e without any reasoning or validation seems rather redundant to me.
  10. Hi, As outlined in our policy; We cannot assist with trades taken off-site, you do this at your own risk. The user has already been banned for multi-account the only thing you can do is open a dispute with paypal to gain access to your funds.
  11. @Ferguson has 24 hours to respond
  12. To report a users comments on your thread, please click or press on the “report” button in the low let left of the reply content, this will allow our moderators to view the content and take action within the report for later referral .
  13. Please report the posts in question; This section is for community complaints not reportable content.

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