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  1. It seems its been a little while since you've heard anything from us that's official and has only been posted in the discord server... I'd like to clear a few issues up in this Community Update; And while I do so we've got some information in regards to our Discord Integration and why it hasn't been available for a few weeks. Earlier last year (2018) we adopted a zero tolerance policy in regards to "Off-Site Communication" more accurately the solicitation of such in public threads and any system's where communication between members takes place on our platform; Surprisingly not all of you have, are able to or bothered reading our Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines.. That being said, every time we update our Privacy Policy or Terms Of Service in any major way we require you to accept those changes and the document as a whole; Rewordings, Removals, Additions or Major Changes; This however does not apply to minor changes such as (but not limited to) fixing typo's, formatting of the document or adding further context to certain area's.. I would like to thank those who took the time to report old threads or new threads that were in breach of our Terms Of Service, Community Guidelines in this area or any area in the aforementioned documents; We have a large amount of threads from prior to the migration of our new Community Suite as such threads from up to four years ago may go amiss when we're moderating the site as a whole. I'd also like to announce the following change that will be one of a Moderation/Administration perspective that will actively effect members of the community; We will no longer be issuing warnings for the solicitation of "Off-Site Communication" we'll be implementing a strike system, if you are found to be in breach of our terms the following will be issues. First Offence // 30 Day Suspension (Ban) // One Month Second Offence // 365 Day Suspension (Ban) // One Year Third Offence // Permanent Suspension -- This will not be revoked If you are found to be avoiding the ban all account will be banned and your Internet Providers "IP" range will also be black listed. Moving over to Discord Integration, I chose to disable our system that allow your to link your discord account with your Multimart account; The main reason was stability and a few issues internally that weren't being caught for me to review when they happened to easily diagnose the specific area or code and issue a patch.. We also had issues that related to Discord directly; And being unable to access specific endpoints to assign roles or permissions to your account automatically, because everyone likes a little bit of magic... On the upside I'm actively working on fixing these issues and I expect I'll be able to roll out a newest version by the end of March (If all goes well); This is due to being restricted in my testing capability and only having my own account and installation to test on and secondly the environment our sites run on differ to my local environment that may at times cause issues that only persist on the live site. Not a point I should have to make and that's why it isn't in the top of the thread... We (Avovix/Multimart) expect you the member(s) to treat everyone with equal respect and shy away from squabbling like children, and this is what we've been seeing in the last few months; That being said, our Community Guidelines speak directly about this which you can read by clicking the link in my signature along with the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. Thanks for taking the time to ready these changes and get upto speed, we'll hopefully have more updates out on a regular basis (Once a month hopefully) that you can read and give feedback on.. Maybe @Husky will find the time to write one up too instead of just me.
  2. I wasn't even aware that Emmet had released the "Core Roleplay" stuff; As far as I was aware I was the only person he'd ever given it too, granted this was a while ago prior to it being remotely finished.
  3. I don't need porn, It was a obvious attempt to impersonate me and clearly it worked on you (As such the account's name has been removed and banned)

  4. PM me everything on here please.
  5. @Greed Unless you can provide the post where this happened, we can't do anything; Giving us screenshots of your PM's is okay as long as you also provide the post and so on.
  6. Hi @xxjanxx, As stated on the discord announcement due to a technical limitation at this time; The automated task for verifying accounts isn't executing correctly, I'm looking into it and hoping to resolve the issue by the end of the week until I can roll a patch out to fix the issue all accounts need to be manually verified after they've been linked. I've added the role to your discord account (prior to seeing this thread). Sorry if the annoucement caused some confusion (the task is set to run every hour, however something is preventing the task to execute any API calls to discord). All the best, Austin
  7. CSGO May be free however it negates the Level 21 grind to enable prime on the account as its a paid copy of CS:GO as such will 1) Have prime already 2) Its trust factor score should be higher than a newly activated trust factor account.
  8. Hi @NamelessHorse I'm sorry that you've been given a warning and your post has been hidden from the site; I've took the liberty of undoing the actions of @$hustle and making your post visible again, you have not and did not breach our Terms Of Service or Community Guidelines as such there was no warning to be issued and/or no reason to hide the post in question, once again I apologize on behalf of Multimart and Avovix Solutions. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  9. Can't take all the credit, well I can but I'm not an egotistical moron. By Hi and welcome.
  10. This topic has been locked As the trade was conduced off site and on an external platform, in this case Discord Private Messages we Avovix Solutions and Multimart will not interfere, process or look into this community complaint... As stated in our community announcements, terms of service and Guidelines.
  11. You might want to check your computer, because its not redirecting myself or any of my proxy services to anything; Background or other wise... So instead of posting or editing your response I suggest you get an Anti-Virus other than Windows Defender as you've clearly been downloading shady stuff.
  12. We'd love to hear your opinion on where Multimart should go in the near future, in the past we've taken the executive decision and done what we thought would be best for the community; However this time we've changed our think and would love to hear what you as a community would like to see from us in the future. From select features, forum categories and sections to other ideas... Please bear in mind while we'll take into consideration your opinions and ideas this does not necessarily mean that any/all ideas, feature requests, categories or sub-sections will be included in the next version of Multimart. Further more we'd love to hear your opinion on Avovix Insider, our monthly paid subscription that provides you with multiple benefits; across our platforms... Further more we'll be looking into adding some new Community Moderators to the Avovix Solutions team this'll be a role that stretches across multiple platforms (open, soon to be opened or planned). All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  13. While we're sorry to hear that you've encountered this whilst using Multimart, we're unable to assist you with the matter as previously stated by myself; We can only assist in cases where the offender and yourself have conducted a trade through our direct service, the platform (Multimart) such as our Private Messaging system. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  14. Hey, Do you by any chance have dildo's for sale? I mean << insert LSRP shit here >> you seem to have everything so.

  15. If the license is Eligible for transfer.. Then you can do so to another account without a fee however sometimes there may be a fee incurred if the license is not.
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