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  1. https://www.multimart.org/privacy 2. ACCOUNT REMOVAL/DELETION Please be aware that Private Messages are not an alternative to support; Any requests made via Private Messages will be ignored and deleted, we have a support system to stream-line our processes and keep information in one place for reference.
  2. No, If I wanted to release this on the SA-MP Forums; I would've done it myself.
  3. Warnings have been given to all parties in this thread that openly broke our Terms Of Service, Community Guidelines; If you can't follow the site rules or act in a manner that is respectful and not childish then you won't be spending much more time on here... I've had enough of people being unable to be respectful, I don't give a hot damn if something has happened in the past (If you don't have proof to back up your claim, then don't shitpost/flame/trash post). Any further breach of our rules will result in your access being terminated along with an account wide IP ban as-well.
  4. Hi @SolidOrange You are able to edit your display in your account settings ( here ); Regular members are limited to changing their names once every three months; Multimart Insiders are able to change their usernames once every month. Edit; This has since changed, namechanges are only available to Multimart Insider's. Don't hesitate if you have any further questions.
  5. User has been suspended from accessing the site; Thank you for submitting a report. Locked.
  6. @DoDoDo Please report conversation so we can investigate further.
  7. Recently there has been an increase in people creating multiple accounts to circumvent restrictions placed on their "primary" accounts; We do not tolerate people having more than one account due to it falsely increasing our member statistics or for that matter using said account to bump threads or increase reputation of said "primary" account... That being said; If you wish to create another account due to any of the below listed reasons you may open a support request to close your make adjustments to your account; However due to security reasons we will not change, edit or reveal account information; It is your responsibility to maintain your account not ours. You wish to close your account for an unspecified reason (I.E: No longer wishing to use multimart) You wish to make changes to your personal information and are unsure how We do not manually change names of accounts as of the most recent site update you are able to do this once in a limited time and again once that time is over.. Creating another account purely because you wish to have another name and are unable to wait the period of time before being able to do so will result in your account being banned (Both primary and secondary accounts); Multimart Insider's have the ability to change their names more times within a given period.. So if you wish to be able to change your name more often, consider supporting multimart as-welll.
  8. @Elmo Damon Please open a dispute with paypal and we'll be more than happy to assist. User has been banned.
  9. How do we become moderators and the applications?

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      Hi, Applications are only available for members who've been registered on the site for a year or longer.. As of current the applications are closed.

  10. Hey, can you handle a middleman transaction? if so pm me please.

  11. As you may be aware, we implemented our "Multimart Insider" programme earlier this year, along with our Early Adoption scheme.. Since our announcement we've been hard at work implementing some of the features that we said would be available. Some of these features were just a press of a button away, yet we've waiting until some of our core promises were implemented; Like our support system to ensure that everything could co-exist together allowing us to provide a more reliable and much smoother transition than before. That being said, here's a few changes that have been made and a few high lights (you'll get it soon) to subscribing to Multimart Insider. To out-line our changes and some of your benefits here are what regular site member's are capable of doing. five (5) megabyte storage allowance Attachments are limited to 500kb per post (One 500kb upload/ two 250kb uploads or sixteen ‭31kb uploads) One link permitted in your signature Fifteen (15) new conversations per-day Five (5) recipients per conversion 250 Saved Conversations Five (5) reaction quota per-day All replies and threads are the same. Name changes are restricted to once a year; And only after being registered on the site for six months. With multimart insider you receive the followings improvements fifty (50) megabyte storage allowance Attachments are limited to 1.5 megabytes per post. No limit to signatures at-all No limit to how many conversations you can start Ten (10) recipients per conversation 1,500 Saved conversations No limit to the amount of reactions you can give. Your posts are highlighted (with gold, oooooo') no matter where. Name changes are restricted to once per-month with no limit.
  12. We've implemented most of the promised benefits to Multimart Insider, remember we'll be stopping our "Early Adoption" programme on July 1st; Once we do you will no longer be able to get the insider benefits for a single payment of £20.00 (GBP) or $25.82 (USD)... Please bare in mind that this is for the length of a twelve months (12 Months / 1 Year).

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