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  1. Giving a little more information would be nice. 1) Are you referring to in-game Pawn registrations or UCP (assuming PHP) registrations? 2) Is it connected to the database successfully and actually pulling its information 1.1); If its PHP try using a exception catch block to see what the issue is. try { CODE } catch (Exception $e) { echo 'Caught exception: ', $e->getMessage(), "\n"; }
  2. I suggest adding more information to this; I'll give you fair warning, any developer worth their salt will look at this and click away and not be interested purely due to the lack of information; Adding "Message me for more details" also won't get any attention from the aforementioned. I say this because I'm not interested in knowing anything else; Due to the lack of effort put into the post as a developer.
  3. Firstly, We'd like to announce that we've finally got around to performing maintenance on Multimart; This was put on hold for numerous reasons some of which including personal.. However, now we've done it we can get into the new features and cool little things that have been added. For everyone who has made support tickets, reports and so on; We apologise for the delay in response, due to personal issues on both my and Husky's side, we've been unable to be as active on Multimart as we'd like; I've already responded and dealt with the latter however due to said on going issues; We cannot promise responses to support tickets will be responded too in our usual time. Badges & Achievements: You'll notice now when viewing Multimart and the threads on the site in the left panel of each thread & post there is a new image being displayed, currently this is only displayed correctly on the default site theme and not Multimarts custom theme's we're actively attempting to fix this issue. This corresponds to a total amount of points obtained for doing certain actions; Or being given reputation (Which is set to a limited amount for Achievements, this is separate from the amount of reputation you can give); You can view your progress for each rank by visiting your profile pages badge section (As we're still implementing the view that displays an overview you can click) you must navigate to it manually. Once you're at your profile's main page for example: https://www.multimart.org/profile/6-theonlydroid/ you can navigate over to https://www.multimart.org/profile/6-theonlydroid/badges/ ( /badges/ ) to see the view as displayed below (bottom of the post). You may also see your progress to the next available rank by click on your username/account drop down at the header of the site (above the search bar); This'll display the progress and amount of points required to get to your next rank.. I intend of adding a lot more "requirements" or "values" that'll contribute to how to acquire points in the future; We manually recalculated everyone's points after we performed maintenance to ensure that everyone was where they should be. Badges: While this system is part of Achievements, we have the ability to add non-obtainable badges; For things such as former moderators or people who help out a lot in the community section; These badges (when added) will be considered "Rare" as they more than likely won't be given out like candy.
  4. I am interested for a middle man to purchase GTA:W assets. Can you help me out?

  5. Please report the Direct Message so a member of our moderation team can look over the messages, thank you.
  6. Hi, We are unable to assist with this complaint as you took your trade off-site /and/or/ off-platform; Please refer to our Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines in my signature to better understand this policy.
  7. Please provide some evidence along with your complaint, thank you.
  8. They didn't, All posts related to Virtual Items got moved into a public Archive category; Multimart Insiders are now the only people permitted to create threads in those sections now, Multimart is and has always been free to use, however we have to pay for services and other fee's; Thus the logical option was to introduce a subscription service, this was done about a year and a half ago; Only now have we started taking advantage of it. If anyone has an issue with it really, you're more than welcome to go and find somewhere else to do your trades/sales of virtual items; However complaining about what we wish to do with our platform to keep it alive won't change what we decide.
  9. That's supposed to mean what? We did a lot, we updated the styling, we updated permissions, we updated the site as a whole... Your question is pretty vague.
  10. Communication was taken off-site, Multimart has a strict policy against taking communication off-site and as such we're unable to assist in reports where the chosen platform of communication was not that of Multimart's or being ran/moderated by Multimart (This excludes the Multimart Discord server as this is for community aspects only, not trading); This thread will be locked, but will however stay visible for future members to take note of; Even though its explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms Of Service.
  11. Did you know we're basically twitter with these Status Updates? No? Well we are, get used to it.

  12. You may have noticed some changes recently, this is due to a site upgrade which ironically broke the site and theme which I thought I'd already future proofed for future updates; Turns out, I hadn't... This however gave me the opportunity to finally get around to starting on the new Multimart v4 Theme, which I've been putting off for quite awhile. Its no secret that the older v3 was already dated and really didn't take into account readability, contrast or frankly anything other than Multimarts own Branding; This has now officially changed, from this point on the site will be designed around readability; Our logo branding, colour scheme no longer matters. What does this mean? While our announcement posts will still contain the old Multimart Logo (from the v3 Header) in its original pinkish red colour; The theme and styling will influence the colour of the Logo, Branding and much more in the future, that being said... There may be a point where I specifically add content options for announcements that automatically change based on the theme the user is using (Kinda cool). This also allows up to open up suggestions on colour schemes; Such as "Insider Purple" (shown at the end of the post); Theme's besides the default "Dark Mode" and "Light Mode" will be exclusive to Multimart Insider and Insider+ members; We have some great ideas already, while Purple is the only Insider Exclusive style currently, we'll be adding a few more options later down the road. What about issues? I've already found and fixed a few issues, including the post input box/content box which didn't look that great on the Dark Theme, that being said; Due to the way CKEditor works, some icons can't really be changed without creating an entirely new theme (And that isn't something I want to do just yet). We encourage you to report issues in our newly created "v4 Issues" section under "Community Support"; Tagging your posts to include "Dark", "Light", "Both"; To allow us to easily fix issues on each theme specifically... Don't worry if you think the issue is "Minor" or just something that might affect you, we'll do our best to alter the styling to best suit everyone (where possible). Light Mode: Dark Mode: Insider Purple (Style):
  13. Thread locked due to numerous reports, investigation underway.
  14. This section of the site is restricted to Multimart Insiders, as such anyone without a Multimart Insider Membership will be unable to create new threads in this section; However members without a Multimart Insider Membership will be able to view and comment on threads as they desire, please keep in mind that using other people's threads to promote your own services is against our Terms of Service and you will be punished accordingly. Threads belonging to former Multimart Insider Member's will be hidden and then archived once your membership has expired, a new thread will have to be created once you have renewed your membership to the Multimart Insider service.. This is automated and non-negotiable, there will be no exceptions under any circumstances.
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