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  1. TheOnlyDroid

    Steam account with CS:GO on it

    CSGO May be free however it negates the Level 21 grind to enable prime on the account as its a paid copy of CS:GO as such will 1) Have prime already 2) Its trust factor score should be higher than a newly activated trust factor account.
  2. TheOnlyDroid

    False Verdict and topic removal.

    Hi @NamelessHorse I'm sorry that you've been given a warning and your post has been hidden from the site; I've took the liberty of undoing the actions of @$hustle and making your post visible again, you have not and did not breach our Terms Of Service or Community Guidelines as such there was no warning to be issued and/or no reason to hide the post in question, once again I apologize on behalf of Multimart and Avovix Solutions. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  3. TheOnlyDroid

    Hi all

    Can't take all the credit, well I can but I'm not an egotistical moron. By Hi and welcome.
  4. TheOnlyDroid

    MENDEZ is a fucking scammer!

    This topic has been locked As the trade was conduced off site and on an external platform, in this case Discord Private Messages we Avovix Solutions and Multimart will not interfere, process or look into this community complaint... As stated in our community announcements, terms of service and Guidelines.
  5. TheOnlyDroid


    You might want to check your computer, because its not redirecting myself or any of my proxy services to anything; Background or other wise... So instead of posting or editing your response I suggest you get an Anti-Virus other than Windows Defender as you've clearly been downloading shady stuff.
  6. TheOnlyDroid

    [13/07/2018] Community Announcement

    Recently we have been noticing an increase in "Community Interaction" being off-loaded from our platforms, this includes direct message on external platforms such as Skype, Discord and Email... Because of this we're making changes to how our "Community Complaints" process will be handled.. For this point forward any interactions that take place off-site or off any of the Avovix Solution's Platforms including Discord such as Trades, Sales or anything of such kind that result in someone taking, stealing or scamming money, items, scripts or any other miscellaneous items (such as but not limited to, web-development) will not be liable to submit a community complaint. Of-course this does not change our stance on the matter, but as previously mentioned the increased amount of "Off Platform" transactions restrict our ability to maintain a safe environment for our Community Members that may or may not be trading on our platform; This is also part of our plan to revamp Multimart not as just a community market for a particular set of games but a community market for multiple things. This being said, I have continued development on our set of tools that will assist in our ability to moderate our content and provide a way for the community to know what's going on; That being said, I'd like to introduce you to the latest tool that's in development and that our "Community Complaints" system... Fora long time I've been wanting to off-load the "Community Complaints" forum section in hope of making the over-all site a cleaner and intuitive one. Planned Features Verified Traders (People who provide a legitimate identification document, card among other information) Community Complaints (A way for the community to submit complaints in a more uniform, clean and intuitive process) Account Statistics And Tracking (A way for the community to track another members trades, transactions and more [Like our feedback system])
  7. TheOnlyDroid

    Where does our future lead?

    We'd love to hear your opinion on where Multimart should go in the near future, in the past we've taken the executive decision and done what we thought would be best for the community; However this time we've changed our think and would love to hear what you as a community would like to see from us in the future. From select features, forum categories and sections to other ideas... Please bear in mind while we'll take into consideration your opinions and ideas this does not necessarily mean that any/all ideas, feature requests, categories or sub-sections will be included in the next version of Multimart. Further more we'd love to hear your opinion on Avovix Insider, our monthly paid subscription that provides you with multiple benefits; across our platforms... Further more we'll be looking into adding some new Community Moderators to the Avovix Solutions team this'll be a role that stretches across multiple platforms (open, soon to be opened or planned). All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  8. TheOnlyDroid

    bandhunta scammer.

    While we're sorry to hear that you've encountered this whilst using Multimart, we're unable to assist you with the matter as previously stated by myself; We can only assist in cases where the offender and yourself have conducted a trade through our direct service, the platform (Multimart) such as our Private Messaging system. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  9. Hey, Do you by any chance have dildo's for sale? I mean << insert LSRP shit here >> you seem to have everything so.

  10. TheOnlyDroid

    [SELL] vBulletin v4.2 license

    If the license is Eligible for transfer.. Then you can do so to another account without a fee however sometimes there may be a fee incurred if the license is not.
  11. TheOnlyDroid

    [4SALE] Red County Roleplay Script.

    Its not that the site is not displaying your name correctly... Its that you're copy and pasting it, the site support Rich Embed.. So you have to clear that yourself.. Further more. https://www.multimart.org/topic/2486-13072018-community-announcement/
  12. TheOnlyDroid

    A Revolution

    So as we get close to the end of another year of Multimart, we'd like to know what Categories you'd like to added and removed from the site, in the coming months we will start to remove unused, unpopular or "spam" categories in an attempt to make Multimart easier to navigate for the second half of 2018 and up and coming 2019... I've been hard at work developing our unique Verification system and our Community Complaint's system (still being worked on) to minimise category and topic clutter on the forums, you should see our Complaint's system being rolled out later this year or early 2019 (not set in stone) as I'd like to make sure most of the base system's that it relies on work as best as possible.. Furthermore, we will start looking for Community member's who are active on the forums on a daily basis who have also been member's of Multimart for more than six to twelve months to test these system's as they're being worked on, this also includes the possibility of becoming a Community Team member.. Outlined below you will find all the information on our up-coming category/topic purge as we decide what we no longer wish to be used on the site because of multiple factors (some mentioned above) and information about testing our new site features (Including exclusive seasonal styles). Categories being removed Website Marketplace (In: Miscellaneous Marketplace) Hosting Marketplace (In: Miscellaneous Marketplace) Member News (In: Multimart Corner - Under: Summary Board) Community Testers Have an account age of at-least six months Post at-least twice a week (Being active in the community) Have an high standard of English communicative skills (Writing / Speech) Know how to trouble shoot issue's and report them in a clear manner
  13. TheOnlyDroid

    A Revolution

    Hey Kevin, Our advertisements (as a whole) are currently only available for companies through an agency.. I/We currently do not have any plans to implement "Server" specific advertisements as that doesn't not represent Multimart as a platform/service; Multimart is a community for trading, services and items.. We provide a sub-forum for advertisements specific to "SA-MP". As for the rest of your message, thank you for your feedback we'll discuss it internally. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  14. TheOnlyDroid

    [LS-RP] Selling GUNS

    We do not lock threads on request.. Or for that matter just because you're going away... You can catch up with messages when you're back or when you get time.. Simply posting that you're going away until next month is enough.
  15. TheOnlyDroid

    [13/07/2018] Community Announcement

    I'm sorry but if you cannot use common sense when using the internet, you shouldn't be "trading" in the slightest form; On the internet or in the real world.. You are responsible for your actions, you are responsible for how you proceed with a transactions.. We are not here to molly-coddle you through them, we have provided Community Complaints as a courtesy since we opened back up... This change is apart of an attempt to keep Multimart and any Avovix Solution's platforms, services or any unmentioned kind safe... We wish to keep communication localised on our platform for moderation and security reasons.. If you wish to take those communications off platform feel free to do so, we're not stopping you.. However we will not investigate Complaints that have been taken off in such a matter. If scammers love me or not that isn't any of my concern or yours for that matter... If you have a problem with how we Multimart and Extension Avovix Solutions operate our platforms then you're more than welcome to submit an internal complain here and it'll be reviewed when myself or @Husky get a chance to do so.. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from not using our platform, you can leave at any point in time and we even provide a way for you to delete your account in accordance with European Law, Regulations even if they have no been fully introduced locally in your region by your governing leadership. Further more, feel free to take a look at our Terms Of Service and Private policy located in the Main Navigation at the top of the site under the "About Us" tab, this will provide you with details on both the aforementioned policies.. Which you agreed to manually when they were updated earlier in the year and accept to follow these and understand them whilst using Multimart or any of Avovix Solutions platforms... https://www.multimart.org/terms/ All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  16. TheOnlyDroid

    Lalala Report

    From what I can tell here... @Lalala you sold a script at a price that @Smithy wished to buy it for; You accepted his offer without providing him any information about one of "two" gamemodes/scripts and as such this is why a complaint has been posted... From what I can also tell is, you provided a script that wasn't the version advertised on the forums and by this logic it seems that you were unhappy with the price that Smithy negotiated with you and you decided to under-hand him a version of the script that you think is worth less... Frankly this conversation has gone on for long enough; I'm going to give you two options that will solve this issue. Option One (1): You refund @Smithy his money in full or in part (this can be discussed by both of you) Option Two (2): You can provide @Smithy with the gamemode you advertised on our platform. Failing either of these two options, we (the management team) will decide how to proceed with this matter internally, maybe that be a ban for basically under-handing a community member or a suspension.. This is left in your hands, I'm willing to give you forty-eight (48) hours to decide what you're going to do.
  17. TheOnlyDroid

    [13/07/2018] Community Announcement

    Invision Suite and by extension their Forums module that you all use on a daily basis... Are instant, you may not get a notification when someone is typing but you do receive a notification in real-time when a message has been delivered and received to your account; In the same way that our Verification Systems works, you submit an application a staff member or community moderator reviews the information and then you'll get a notification with the out-come... Providing something along the lines of Skype, Discord isn't something we'll be actively looking at because of the development that'll need to go into such a module as "extending" the functionality using Plugins within IPS isn't possible; Furthermore, it'd require a relay server (somewhere that all this information goes back and fourth to and from); Yes there are existing solutions such as "Comechat" however these solutions aren't directly integrated with Invision Powered's Suite and do not provide a platform that can be easily moderated.. That being said, we're looking into Multimart's Module and seeing what we can do internally, the features mentioned in the original aren't the final features.. In-fact a lot of features were left out for the reason that they're still in development or the planning phase; Moreover we are looking at implementing the following later down the line. Bug Reporting Suggestions Change Logs
  18. TheOnlyDroid

    [Buying] RC-RP Accounts

    Please open a Community Complain, instead of flaming the post.
  19. TheOnlyDroid

    how to increase packetloss

    Why would you want to increase yours or anyone's packet-loss?
  20. I'm finally released one of my Unfinished Gamemodes, due to not being able to sell it as a "Base Gamemode" or completing some of the features... That being said, this gamemode is being released without Support of any kind... This includes replies on the thread and Private Messages, Please keep in mind that the way the gamemode was created is dated and no-longer up to standard for any of the MySQL/SQLite systems available for SA-MP and the version used is not included and nor will I be updating the gamemode to the latest version, if you wish to use it and upgrade it feel free to let me know and provide the source and I'll gladly upload a second version using that. Furthermore, by downloading, using, modifying this gamemode you agree to the Apache 2.0 License along with a few other factors at-play that'll be listed below... I reserve the right to remove this gamemode at any point in time for any-reason at-all without prior warning... You may not re-upload, distribute or remove credits in/on or about the gamemode, if you wish to re-upload this then please contact me and I'll see if the destination is fit, otherwise it is to stay on Multimart for how-ever-long Multimart is alive and kicking for.... Terms: You are not to remove, edit or modify the existing Credit's in the gamemode; exceptions being adding yourself for additions you have made. You are not to remove, edit or modify the header information in the source before/after/during compile time You are not to re-upload, distribute or modify the source without it containing the aforementioned credits, including but not limited to - /credits - header information Furthermore, when judging what file extension's to allow on Multimart, I failed to include .pwn files; As such the file has been saved/re-named to a Javascript file.. Simply change this to .pwn/.pawn and you'll be good to go. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid" BL-RP.js
  21. TheOnlyDroid

    Daily Streams (Again)

    I'll be streaming again on a daily basis, for roughly six hours (Continuously or On & Off throughout the day)... Stop by and take part in the give-aways once a week** Hopefully I'll be able to build up the community again and get back to where I once used to be.. https://twitch.tv/theonlydroid https://shamed-esports.com https://theonlydroid.com
  22. TheOnlyDroid


    Only if Take Two Interactive are feeling like being massive cunts and taking all the PR away from EA this year... But no, unless that happens you won't be banned by Rockstar Games (Or more accurately Take Two Interactive {They're the cunts}).
  23. TheOnlyDroid

    [NEED] Investor

    I suggest that you read that lovely blue message above the Editor prior to you posting another comment on Multimart...
  24. I mean if you want to Trash Post here then feel free... But I'll just end up banning you.

  25. TheOnlyDroid

    [NEED] Investor

    Moved to a more appropriate section.


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