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  1. Hi, We're unable to provide help without proof; Further more, there's not much we or you can do, Steam explicitly prohibits the sale of accounts or account trades; And any actions taken fourth by the account owner that fall within a breach of their Terms Of Service they usually don't do anything about it. As for Multimart; We require proof and a detailed account of the situation to do anything; What you've provided just isn't enough for us to act currently.
  2. Please report the Private Conversation as this is the only way we're able to verify the information... @Blair has 48 hours to respond.
  3. I'm currently on a break from doing maintenance work on Multimart to be able to focus entirely on my client base; After the most recent series of patches there were a few things that broke on the site which took me a little too long to fix... As for complimentary systems to go along side the Transaction System pre or post release, we've looked into this and even developed our own verification system that is no longer in use due to some issue with GDPR Compliance. We're continually trying to improve Multimart, its systems and more; I do agree with bringing on more moderators however that is also a time intensive process as we don't just add people and say here's what you do; There's an entire paper trial to sign including NDA's and agreements.
  4. @Verbal - To implement a system like this we’d need to develop an in-house solution, I’ve been working on a design and general plan for this type of feature for the last couple months and plotting out what kind of systems and implementations we’d actually need to support a large scale transaction system... Or at least holding system of course we’d also have to calculate costs based on a moving scale that’s based on the transaction amount.. Due to how IP.Pages functions there’s very little we can actually do to ensure that all information is encrypted and only held on our servers for a short period of time or for a period of time where the transaction is actually placed on hold, as such I have been reaching out to more experienced developers who worked on the forum suite were using for a longer period of time... But due to the nature of the kind of system we’re already looking into it’s been a long process of back and fourth between developers who have the time to discuss our options to provide a product that functions correctly and also the availability of long term support of the product with all rights remaining in the hands of myself, multi mart or Avovix... We only directly support PayPal transactions and don’t intend to support credit card transactions mainly due to having to step out of the PayPal scene to process those transactions with an additional free. Getting an in-house developer on board besides myself that knows IPS more in depth than I do or as planned hiring someone to do the work and then support the product after completion will cost a fair bit more than an already developed and supported product by the suites development team that has documentation... So to give you a rough estimate we’re looking closer to £500 or more depending on who accepts the project... @Husky is indeed correct in saying that IP.Pages would bring a lot more flexibility to the site and some mo3re features, we did intend to bring a Updates list, coming soon page and suggestions pages all embedded on the IP.Pages framework to better display information in a fluid and responsive format without having to change much and being able to use it like any forum post, private message or status... Without me having to do the bulky backend framework and maintenance which in itself would’ve taken hours compared to minutes with IP.Pages. I apologise for the long response however just stating a rough estimate e without any reasoning or validation seems rather redundant to me.
  5. Hi, As outlined in our policy; We cannot assist with trades taken off-site, you do this at your own risk. The user has already been banned for multi-account the only thing you can do is open a dispute with paypal to gain access to your funds.
  6. @Ferguson has 24 hours to respond
  7. To report a users comments on your thread, please click or press on the “report” button in the low let left of the reply content, this will allow our moderators to view the content and take action within the report for later referral .
  8. Please report the posts in question; This section is for community complaints not reportable content.
  9. We have our terms of service in place for a reason, if you take the trade off site and you’re scammed then we can’t assist you with it.... if you are able to follow the guidelines we put in place to prevent this and to give you the opportunity to have the site as proof you were and the ability for us the assist with getting your payment back from payment processors like PayPal.... Otherwise you do it at your own risk >> We have no obligation to offer community reports, complaints or assistance to anyone on the site to begin with; We offer it because we want to offer a possible solution to misinformation or an possible scam... I digress, this should have been obvious not only when you registered but throughout the site and community complaints section if you have bothered to look at previous threads. As for your reply requesting we delete this thread, we won’t be doing that as this serves as a prime example to why you keep trades and communication of said trades on site.
  10. @Trece Please report the conversation thank you.
  11. @Plug has 48 hours to respond. @steviejoeysteve - Please report the conversation
  12. Hi, We cannot assist with trades taken off-site, this has been out-lined too many times in the past for it to be a "simple mistake".
  13. Thread Locked; Insufficient information provided upon request.
  14. User has been banned for Multi-Accounting & Falsifying Reputation / Reputation Abuse
  15. User has been banned; See message at the top of the post (LOCKED)
  16. Think you'll find that we don't work with anyone on Multimart who acts as an independent seller; If you'd like to report the Private Message we can take a look, any on-site communication can be looked into as-long as you open a report on it.. As for why nobody has replied up until now; All of us have lives out-side of Multimart and aren't obligated to religiously check the site for reports so we do it in our spare time and when we have a reasonable amount of time to do so; On an alternative note, please don't abuse the support system because you're angry. All the best.
  17. Hi, We’re unable to assist you with this report because you took it off-site; We have made multiple community announcements stating that solicitation of off-site communication will result in a ban (for the user who solicited it). We’ll look into this, until we’ve found a solution I’m going to lock this thread
  18. Any payments via PayPal are instant; Any payments that are held are held by paypal and not the buyer/seller, if you don't have a verified account the amount can be held anywhere from seven days to four weeks... And lets all be civil, less of the childish insults please.
  19. Please report any Private Messages regarding this so we can take a look.
  20. I mean if I'm being honest, he has every right to be angry and every right to say things in the moment... Besides the fact that this is evident enough, you've also got two other accounts... So my recommendation here @mesakyubi is open a dispute. User has been banned.
  21. Recently we've had numerous community reports (reports submitted within a topic view, that have been seen as abusive or redundant; We'd like to clear up how you should use these and the punishments that will be put in place from now own if your reports continue to be deemed abusive / redundant. Reports such as asking comments to be removed because you personally don't like what they're saying (No, Constructive Criticism isn't against our community guidelines; No we will not remove them because you're a snowflake)... Asking us to delete your own threads, comments or Personal Messages because you've sent something you shouldn't have (Hide the content yourself; Or edit it, it isn't really that hard). That being said, here's a non-exclusive list for what won't be tolerated Community Reports based on your opinion of another member ( I.E; You disliking them and don't want them posting on your content) Community Reports based on your dislike for another members comments ( I.E; Disliking their criticism) Flaming will still be against our guidelines; However Constructive Criticism has and will always be allowed Targeted abuse will still be against our guidelines; However non-targeted meaning less comments like "Its idiotic" will fall under Constructive Criticism Community Reports asking us to hide, remove your own content. You can hide and edit your own content; Please try it. Community Reports where no information has been provided; Yes blank reports will now get you warned (We're fed up with it) Provided a detailed comment when reporting content Be descriptive in your detailed comment Explain why the content falls under what you're reporting it for in your detailed comment Community Reports intended to overwhelm, restrict, hinder Community Moderator's ability to moderate the site Spamming our report system will get you permanently banned; No "If's, What's or But's", if you do it; You're banned. We will review reports on a case-by-case basis; The above list is non-exclusive use these as a guidelines to what you should reports and what you shouldn't reports; Treat members of the community with respect and they'll treat you with respect also; Finally, stop being little snowflakes and grow some thicker skin.
  22. https://www.multimart.org/privacy 2. ACCOUNT REMOVAL/DELETION Please be aware that Private Messages are not an alternative to support; Any requests made via Private Messages will be ignored and deleted, we have a support system to stream-line our processes and keep information in one place for reference.
  23. No, If I wanted to release this on the SA-MP Forums; I would've done it myself.

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