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  1. Please report the Direct Message so a member of our moderation team can look over the messages, thank you.
  2. Hi, We are unable to assist with this complaint as you took your trade off-site /and/or/ off-platform; Please refer to our Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines in my signature to better understand this policy.
  3. Please provide some evidence along with your complaint, thank you.
  4. They didn't, All posts related to Virtual Items got moved into a public Archive category; Multimart Insiders are now the only people permitted to create threads in those sections now, Multimart is and has always been free to use, however we have to pay for services and other fee's; Thus the logical option was to introduce a subscription service, this was done about a year and a half ago; Only now have we started taking advantage of it. If anyone has an issue with it really, you're more than welcome to go and find somewhere else to do your trades/sales of virtual items; However compla
  5. That's supposed to mean what? We did a lot, we updated the styling, we updated permissions, we updated the site as a whole... Your question is pretty vague.
  6. Communication was taken off-site, Multimart has a strict policy against taking communication off-site and as such we're unable to assist in reports where the chosen platform of communication was not that of Multimart's or being ran/moderated by Multimart (This excludes the Multimart Discord server as this is for community aspects only, not trading); This thread will be locked, but will however stay visible for future members to take note of; Even though its explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms Of Service.
  7. Did you know we're basically twitter with these Status Updates? No? Well we are, get used to it.

  8. You may have noticed some changes recently, this is due to a site upgrade which ironically broke the site and theme which I thought I'd already future proofed for future updates; Turns out, I hadn't... This however gave me the opportunity to finally get around to starting on the new Multimart v4 Theme, which I've been putting off for quite awhile. Its no secret that the older v3 was already dated and really didn't take into account readability, contrast or frankly anything other than Multimarts own Branding; This has now officially changed, from this point on the site will be designed arou
  9. Thread locked due to numerous reports, investigation underway.
  10. This section of the site is restricted to Multimart Insiders, as such anyone without a Multimart Insider Membership will be unable to create new threads in this section; However members without a Multimart Insider Membership will be able to view and comment on threads as they desire, please keep in mind that using other people's threads to promote your own services is against our Terms of Service and you will be punished accordingly. Threads belonging to former Multimart Insider Member's will be hidden and then archived once your membership has expired, a new thread will have to be
  11. Places: 6

    Applicants: 1

    We'd like to let you know that we're looking for new moderators; These moderator positions will be limited to six people for the time being, and must follow the following criteria; This is to ensure that our moderators are not only experienced but also have an active presence within the Multimart Community.. As usual; Moderators that are brought on must still follow the same rules and guidelines put in place by us to ensure a fair playing field; Moderators may continue to trade, sell or monetise their work of their own free will; However are not permitted to use their permissions to gain an advantage over other members of the community. Potential moderators must have at-least six months of tenure on the Multimart Platform Potential moderators cannot have any active warnings over the old warning system (6 Points); Or under the new warning system (11 Points) Potential moderators must not have any ban history that directly breaches our Community Guidelines Potential moderators must be at-least eighteen (18) years of age; And be fully able to sign a Non-Disclosure and Moderation Agreement Potential moderators must be fluent in written and spoken English.
  12. DMCA Takedown Notice For you, And a DMCA Takedown Notice for you; Here have a DMCA Takedown Notice

  13. No, If I wanted to release this on the SA-MP Forums; I would've done it myself.
  14. I don't need porn, It was a obvious attempt to impersonate me and clearly it worked on you (As such the account's name has been removed and banned)

  15. Hey, Do you by any chance have dildo's for sale? I mean << insert LSRP shit here >> you seem to have everything so.

  16. I'm finally released one of my Unfinished Gamemodes, due to not being able to sell it as a "Base Gamemode" or completing some of the features... That being said, this gamemode is being released without Support of any kind... This includes replies on the thread and Private Messages, Please keep in mind that the way the gamemode was created is dated and no-longer up to standard for any of the MySQL/SQLite systems available for SA-MP and the version used is not included and nor will I be updating the gamemode to the latest version, if you wish to use it and upgrade it feel free to let me know and
  17. I have too many... It would require its own thread
  18. I mean if you want to Trash Post here then feel free... But I'll just end up banning you.

  19. Moved to a more appropriate section.
  20. General Notice: All new threads must be approved by Community Staff after the being proven to be valid and legitimate Buying "Second Hand" accounts has a high possibility of being scammed, due to the inability to change ownership of the account to another email address. Thread replies do not require additional approval, however some users may be restricted and this process must still be carried out. Game MP Section, Terms Of Use: Avovix Solutions or Multimart cannot always confirm the legitimacy of Game-MP accounts or the other of the p
  21. Hello @Birolele You have indeed posted in the correct section.. Since we don't have a dedicated FiveM section. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  22. I swear to god... If another person tries to add me on discord for "Private Help", I'll just block and ban them... Please read my "About Me" tab on my profile.

    1. $hustle


      "Hey Droid, just wondering if you could quickly--"


    2. TheOnlyDroid
  23. @Kar Nice to see you back, shame that its once a month and you're not active in the community as much; However, regardless of that you still Support Multimart and haven't really had anything against it. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  24. Oh my god... This section is finally being used after almost three years... Keep them coming.
  25. Hey TruuC0d3RR, I'll message you the details privately, in the days to come. Best Regards, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
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