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  1. New Generation Gaming [NGG] Roleplay

    very original idea 10/10 never been done before lsrp killer so good 69/10 ign
  2. I meant the idea as a monthly subscription, as long as your subscription is active you'll get the discounts, but it could be implemented either way.
  3. An idea I had in the Discord I'd like to share here: "Maybe, we can do like a MM Premium or something like you said, and we can have MM "Endorsed" products/services (eg. hustles middlemanning or my anti-afk script w/e) people with premium get discounts on MM Endorsed services Eg. 25% off LSRP money through Hustle or $3 instead of $5 for my anti afk script, stuff like that.(edited) Obviously the sellers would need to approve, but I think it could work. That way, people with premium will buy more stuff + they support MM in the process its a win for everyone"
  4. Even though rels like this without a db dont get much love, they are still very useful for scripters. Nice work.
  5. koky - Sale of a publicly leaked script.

    I don't really care for a refund, rather to warn others as this script is simply not as advertised. The script does infact have some leftover italian: - http://prntscr.com/gkeko3 - http://prntscr.com/gkelf5 As seen in the above screenshots + the link I posted to the publicly released version of this script, the only difference is the half-assed translation. My issue is not with what server this script is originally for, it is with the fact that @koky is attempting to profit off of a publicly released script, as this script is identical aside from the half-assed translation.
  6. Hello, for starters this is the thread in question. The script he is selling is a publicly leaked version of LS-RP.it, the Italian knockoff of LS-RP. A copy of the script he sent me can be provided to an admin upon request. The only difference between this script and the public one is a half-assed translation job done to his.
  7. Have used Hustle as both a seller and a buyer, would 10/10 recommend. When dealing in LS-RP assets Hustle is the ONLY guy to use.
  8. selling rc-rp account with 200k + donator 4

    Depends, how much money?
  9. Hacks that work on LS-RP (working list)

    Can you post a link to vehicle path record and PTM aimbot? nvm found it
  10. Stats: - ~$200k in bank - helicopter license - donator level 4 - trailer in monty post offers below, will be using hustle as middleman
  11. Buying RC-RP Money.

    Contact $hustle on Skype if you have some for sale.
  12. I'm willing to pay good money for someone to convert some cars for SA-MP for me. You must be able to make good LQ GTA SA-Styled car mods, with damage models and all. PM me on forums if interested, must be willing to provide screenshots of previous work.
  13. Hey all, I wanted to know if anyone was selling a lookalike LS-RP script, or could link me to HK's version as I've looked everywhere and have been unable to find it. Thanks! If you are selling one, please forum PM me with proof that you have it and the price. Thanks!
  14. Hello! I wanted to know if anyone had money (preferably under $10/mil) or a full account (price will depend on stats, budget $20) for sale. I definitely want to use a middleman and also want to use Paypal if possible. Thanks guys! Note: If i fucked something up about this please tell me, I'm new to this lol.


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