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  1. There's been a decrease in host-tab sellings. Selling 1 listing for your samp server for 23 euro or 25 dollars. Accepting payments only via paypal. Contact me on discord: michaelbelgium#2759
  2. [align=center]Hosting with [email protected][/align] Ya I don't know how to call it elsewise. This thing is simple, I have thought about a package what people can get for only 10 € / month or 15 € / month. The most important things are: 1 or 2 samp servers (slots free to choose) (Might think about this trough in the future as this is quite a lot) 1 SQL Database FTP Access DDOS Protection Optional: subdomain + webhost (+5€) Optional: host-tab (+18€) Currently I have this website: hosting.lm-dm.net/, where everything will be on for customers also like control panel etc. Now I'm curious if anyone would be interested in this and why not, for what reason?
  3. michael@belgium


    I accepted everyone who added me, dunno if he noticed it - tell him to search me in his friendlist or maybe re-adding works
  4. michael@belgium


    Maybe not a sumo but you can change it into: http://www.multimart.org/showthread.php?tid=53
  5. [align=center][email protected]'s Script Service[/align] Hi all, My name is Michael, i'm 20 years old and i live in Belgium. I almost have a degree in Software Development, and since 2011 in secundary school - I picked a study where programming is the most important thing. My skills: PAWN C# ASP.NET Webdesign (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, XML) SQL Java What can you do for me? So if you want that i make something for you i can do: Anything that requires my skills listed above. From making UCP's to PAWN bug fixes I don't accept that I should make RP gamemodes, takes too much time and I don't think you'll be able to pay me. (One way or another, if you're rly sure you can pay it, then you can request) Yes ! I wanna hire you ! Apply like this: [b]Full name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Most used e-mail:[/b] [b]Other contact options:[/b] [u]What do you want me to script ?[/u] [b]Subject:[/b] [b](Detailed) information:[/b] [b]How much you want to pay:[/b] ... and sent it via sa-mp forums (click) multimart forums skype: michael.belgium (recommended) or e-mail: [email protected] Example: Payment methods: only paypal. Other: Github Other works: exp-gaming community, my 2 servers If you have questions, ask me ! Sincerly, [email protected]
  6. Good luck finding someone, pick me as your last choice if you want to. But do note, if you choose me, you're not the only one where i have to script for - and i'm currently starting last year of highschool either. But yeah, i'm interested. (And maybe i'm already too late)
  7. michael@belgium

    Database Scripter

    I could do this too, for real money obviously.
  8. Mostly I'm "invisible" on skype, and just say something when I'm offline/invisible - I don't use skype much but i open it once in a while
  9. The server had only 16 slots - and yes, administrative issues were the issues of SnB (and thats how a copied server is now online somewhere, but this one is the original).
  10. Sh*t happens i say ... I spend days and hours on this gamemode, untill i got kicked out of my own server and my co-owner run away with it. Never have a co-owner ... It was my first server with a co-owner, ofcourse it's my fault for trusting that person. I felt so bad afterwards - all these players that i brought joy with the gamemode ..
  11. You might have seen this before . Well, i'm selling it. I've had bad experience with this gamemode and even tho i want to get something in return for it .. so here it is. Smash 'n Burn DD What is it ? The objective of the game is to survive the longest by crashing into others, using the quirks of SAMP to your advantage. After each round, you vote for the next map, and then the fun starts all over again. The gameplay is beautifully simple. (This was an actual quote from the website) Features A lot. Internet Relay Chat SQL saving accounts, banned players, maps and donators (actually everything, without it; server can't run) MTA Map loading Registering in-game with e-mail verification (You will have to edit some lines) Awesome Commands (using sscanf and zcmd) Neat and simple User Interface (textdraws) Game events Map rating, nominating and voting In-game map testing when users submit own maps Awesome donator features (cartext, rainbow color and more) Awesome admin system (with a lot of useful commands and able to go undercover in-game) Random vehicle numberplates Random messages displayed in chat Good enough Anti-cheat (anti-pause and more) Custom chat formatting and probably a lot more ... Media I don't have any specific pictures, but what i do have is a gameplay video of the server. [video=youtube] What you get when buyin' this snb_package.zip filterscripts addons.pwn [*]gamemodes snb.pwn [*]pawno/include irc.inc IsPaused.inc KickBan.inc maploader_old.inc SnB_Functions.inc sscanf2.inc zcmd.inc [*]plugins irc.so mysql_centos.so sscanf.so [*]snb_dump.sql Note: maps are not included ! (I can't obviously sell other ppl works.) Price 25 € Only accepting via paypal As always, contact me anywhere if you're interested - if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me ! Greetings, [email protected]
  12. DMCA was useless for me, they didn't do anything


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