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  1. Tnhacker007


    I got drugs (cocaine) how much do you need?
  2. Tnhacker007

    [Buying] LSRP Account lvl 5 with PF.

    how much are you willing to pay
  3. Tnhacker007

    LS-RP cocaine for sale!

    Hey, I'm selling LS-RP cocaine for real life money, it's $2 for an ounce and a half (42 grams), if you buy more than 9 ounces the price for one becomes $1 instead of 2. Doing this with a middleman of course, only $hustle. Contact me by only forum PM's, I don't give out my skype or discord because that'll be a way for LS-RP admins to track me.
  4. Tnhacker007

    Far cry 5 uplay account

    Far cry 5 uplay account, story is finished (u can restart it if you wish) it's my personal account that I'm trying to sell, looking for offers but I can go really cheap because I need it gone asap
  5. Tnhacker007

    Selling level 10-11 LSRP account.

    Still for sale.
  6. Tnhacker007

    Selling level 10-11 LSRP account.

    I'm selling a LSRP account which is level 10-11, has a couple of cars and some money. I'm looking for somewhere between $20-$30. Not going lower than $20.
  7. As the title says, I'm offering 100% success rate LSRP character applications, all written from scratch without any kind of plagiarism/copying, you can choose what you want me to write here. Character story only - $1 Rules Only - $1.5 Full application - $2 CCW/GC - $2.5 I'm also selling CCW applications and Guard Card exam answers, hit me up in PM's.
  8. Tnhacker007

    Selling Bay Area Roleplay Guns and Applications

    Deal/payment proof will be posted here to prove that we are legitimate.
  9. As the title says, we are selling BARP guns, money also should come soon but we will make another thread when we can sell that. Prices: Colt45 - $2 Deagle - $4 Shotgun - $6 Rifle - $10 MP5 - OUT OF STOCK AK - OUT OF STOCK M4 - OUT OF STOCK Knife - OUT OF STOCK Additional 100 ammo for any gun - $1 Applications: Full application: (You won't even move a finger, full application process supported.) - $2 Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Can work with a middleman if you want (only hustle), I am a verified seller/buyer.
  10. Tnhacker007

    Selling SARP account

    I offer 2 bucks
  11. Tnhacker007

    [4SALE] LSRP Account - Level 4/5

    As the title says, I'm selling my account which is level 4-5, it has a faggio and a bit of cash for starting off, ifyou can't get through the application process or also if you're trying to ban evade, this is the perfect account for you as it hasn't been used a long time ago so you most likely won't get caught or linked to any account/denied applications. You can post your prices below, using a middleman and only hustle.
  12. Tnhacker007

    Selling SARP money

    As the title says, I'm selling SARP money, $3 per 5 millions. I've got around 20-30m on deck. Using skype for deals, feel free to use a middleman. (only $hustle)
  13. Tnhacker007

    Getting rid of my shit on rcrp

    We can trade your guns for LSRP money, I will only use hustle as a middleman. Shoot me a PM
  14. Tnhacker007

    How to easily get weapons on LS-RP [Requires Weapon Mods]

    or just use object.cs lmfaoooo
  15. Some additions to the script are added, I advise you to check it out!


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