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  1. HostName: Supreme Roleplay - Refunding (Double XP)Address: XXX / 100Ping: XXXMode: S-RP v0.1(a)Language: EnglishPlease take the chance to join this server, we have just newly opened... 1 free car voucher!We are also hiring admins/helpersFaction/Families are available
  2. A replica of Project Reality Roleplay We are BACK!! for those who played before, You can enjoy the game once again! Experience the Very essence of Role-play! with lots of things you can do. Job system is Great, we have Basketball system where you can Place your bets, an Unknown Island where you can Plant weed safe or illegal Faction meet ups and much more updates coming, as we're still on BETA. this is not exaggeration this is all FACTS and TRUE! Come and play with us at Santos Streets Role-Play. Server IP: Forum: www.santos-rp.net Thank you.
  3. Sorry about the delay! We're open and we have Double XP active for today! Server IP:
  4. Hello there, We have 10 minutes until we open and we're sorting out the forums! This may delay our opening by 5-10 minutes, thanks for sticking with us!
  5. So, I don't want to make this advertisement to looong but we're starting soon, under the NGRP script; we've done alot of edits and we've made it so it is Heavy RP ( No test ), so in order to get started, we're opening 1 hour from now, here are some screenshots. We need faction leaders and helpers! Server IP:
  6. Hard Life Roleplay | We need faction and gang leaders, join today. hl-rp.com | | Hard Life Roleplay

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