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  1. Since it wasn't a scam and I completed half of his work but he couldn't understand my circumstances which held me back. I was unbanned since I was willing to work and also offered a refund. I filed a complaint on someone for Game MP who scammed me. Probably you forgot. If you haven't recalled I've been here since Mentalist. I was an MM Admin , Middleman and MM Recommended Scripter for more than 2 years. Delivered more than 100+ projects. Scritped for hundreds of people. Help them with their servers and what not even for free at times.
  2. Hi, I've been scripting since 2010. I've been away from SAMP due to IRL issues. In case you are still looking for a scripter. Kindly PM me here. I tried contacting you on Discord you but nothing worked not sure why. (My Discord name: @Prabhat Luthra#4378) Try to get in touch with me in case you still need a scripter. @Admins - Sorry for bumping an old topic. Regards, Ballu Miaa SA-MP Scripter
  3. You are selling a leaked game mode which others might have also. Not legit at all. Buyers won't either give a shit about it.
  4. My god Hustle, this is epic. This has come so far! Never thought someone can make this happen so easy and smooth. Once I have something to sell, will contact you. Whats the selling price for a million dollars? Also do you accept NGG cash or virtual items?
  5. How are you even selling a game mode without any legal rights? Who's the developer/scripter? Do you have permission from him?

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