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  1. Ballu Miaa


    You are selling a leaked game mode which others might have also. Not legit at all. Buyers won't either give a shit about it.
  2. Ballu Miaa

    GamerX SA:MP server.

    lmao. Sucks!
  3. Ballu Miaa

    GamerX SA:MP server.

    What did you talk about? I'd like to know lol.
  4. Thanks bro! Its good to be back. Sure, my skype was changed
  5. My god Hustle, this is epic. This has come so far! Never thought someone can make this happen so easy and smooth. Once I have something to sell, will contact you. Whats the selling price for a million dollars? Also do you accept NGG cash or virtual items?
  6. Ballu Miaa


    How are you even selling a game mode without any legal rights? Who's the developer/scripter? Do you have permission from him?
  7. Ballu Miaa

    Lack of Activity

    Wish you luck in life and fighting against depression. Please start doing something you love and which makes you happy. Hope to see you soon.
  8. Ballu Miaa

    [Buying] Singleplayer Features

    I would like to paid in dollars or BTC as per your wish. I am able to create most of the things, unless you're talking about Billiards or Snooker. We can discuss the payment in a PM and also about everything about else.
  9. Ballu Miaa

    Looking for a scripter with decent knowledge

    I have coded numerous game modes in my era. I wish my old Scripting Service thread was here to showcase my portfolio. I am from New Delhi. India. This is my SA-MP forums profile. I am able to create a game mode from scratch but I always take half payment as an advance. Let me know your budget for this Roleplay game mode. As per your features, I will be able to give you a time length for the creation of the whole game mode. Though it can take up to months but Alpha and Beta servers are up for testing purposes every week or month - as per your wish. Let me know your thoughts on this.
  10. Ballu Miaa

    Looking for a scripter

    Send me a PM with details. I'm willing to work for you.
  11. Ballu Miaa

    Looking for scripter (high budget)

    Let me know if I can code for you and discuss this. Skype: mceecharc
  12. Ballu Miaa

    Hiring Scripter

    Hello, Merry Christmas mate. I would be happy to script for you. Kindly send me details in a PM and I will reply with a price quote for the list of features, you want to be added. Good Day, Ballu Miaa
  13. Ballu Miaa

    Hiring Scripter

    Holla FireX, How you been mate? I am here to code anything. PM'd you on skype.
  14. Ballu Miaa

    Hiring a scripter

    PM'ing you for details.
  15. Ballu Miaa

    Looking for a scripter

    If you're paying then I am up for it. Contact me via PM.


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