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Found 5 results

  1. STILL ACTIVE - OCTOBER 2019 TEMPORARILY SELLING LS-RP MONEY Too busy to read the rules yourself? Tired of getting denied from legal factions because you don't have time to read a novel for each different test? When you purchase an application from me, someone with experience will be writing for you. I work with current and retired LS-RP staff and members of various factions with access to up to date resources. I write applications in the safest way possible, no one will log into your account, and you will not receive burner answers that will get you banned in a week. If you are denied because of an error on our part, you will receive a full refund, and potentially a free application. Here are some of the applications I write: LS-RP new account & character applications (Guaranteed acceptance) - $4 LS-PD Recruitment & all academy applications/tests (Guaranteed acceptance) - $15 Firearms Licensing, both PF and CCW (Guaranteed acceptance) - $5 DOC, DOJ, CITY, FD related applications - $3-$15 Scripted job applications (Fighting instructor, detective, etc.) - $5 Faction related applications Others Send a message here on the forums for a quick response.
  2. Wanted to play on LSRP or RCRP, but got rejected? Well, I have got you! I am willing to write LSRP/RCRP applications for just $3 for each. ( PayPal only ) I guarantee that you will certainly get approved 100% NB: I will not be spending your money for any haram/evil purpose, I just wanted to buy a domain for my website
  3. 1m = 7€ (only selling 5m+) Currently not selling money. Deagles/TECs/UZIs = 1€ Shotguns/MP5s = 2€ AKs/M4s = 4€ Applications of all kind = (weapon license, factions, character etc.) 5€ Help with entire faction recruitment process = negotiable. All done via PMs.
  4. I'm Selling freshly made LS-RP Applications that is guaranteed to get accepted. If something were to be wrong within the application I will personally fix the mistakes and make sure that it get's accepted. Selling each Application for $3.00 USD. I only accept payments from PayPal. Message me on the forums for more info if you're interested in purchasing one.

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