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Found 10 results

  2. Hello everyone!! As you can tell by the title, I got shit ton of money to sell but very little time to play. I don't have time for 1mill, 2mill, 3mill deals, so if you wanna buy 10+mills and want a professional and quick service, I'm definitely your guy!!! PRICES: 2$ per million. (When buying 20+mills we can talk about a cheaper deal!!) If you don't trust me, find a middleman, pay his fee and we can do it like that, too. If you need any other information about all this, find me in the PM's!!!
  3. I am buying a HZG Roleplay account, account must be level 5+ and possibly have money on it, if not my offer will be lower.
  4. Are you looking to get some easy money in ls-rp in order to enhance your gameplay and have some fun time? You've came to the right place, I started this topic planning to sell few millions and bailing out but after few succesful deals I decided to continue. You can now purchase up to 30 million at once at a great price with 0% risk of getting caught as we are going to use strict methods in order insure safety for both sides. Prices vary from the amount purchased. 1 - 4 million ( 6$ per mill) | 5 - 9 million ( 5$ per million) | 10+ million (4$ per million) Notice that the discount for quantity does not stack from previous purchases, every order is for itself, special discounts may be made for loyal customers.
  5. I am new to this so please bare with me. Money 1mil - 5$ 5mil - 15$ 10mil - 25$ 20mil - 35$ Drugs Coke - 25$ (1 ounce 100% strength) MDMA - 15$ ( 1 ounce 70-80% strength) Weed - 10$ (1 ounce 70-75% strength) Accounts/Handbooks Lvl 24 LS:PD account - 60$ ( PM ME FOR Screenshots/More Info) HANDBOOKS COMING SOON Weapons Deagles - 1.30$ (Only have 20 selling ONLY all at once) Can provide screenshots etc if needed can also use a middleman. If there are any middleman fees i'm not paying them. Minimum order 25$ OFFERING DISCOUNTS/SPECIAL DEALS FOR BIG ORDERS/LONG TERM BUYERS
  6. Plug

    The Plug [LS:RP]

    Welcome to Plug's Shop I have been stocking up weapons and money for quiet a long time now for over 2 years I am friends with a lot of ex admins and staff members of Los Santos Roleplay so I know how to fly under the radar when transferring money/weapons so you don't have to worry about getting banned or caught. My supply of weapons and money usually comes from just playing and roleplaying with people although I have friends in-game who use more sketchy methods for getting money/weapons. I might run out of stock quiet often since I don't have access to any duplication exploits which can keep my supply constant. In the future I will be considering getting one of them exploits if I see that there is a big demand for weapons or money in my end. [Weapons] MP5 - 2.5$ (183 bullets High Supply) Deagle - 1.5$ (90-83 bullets Currently Short Supply) Shotgun - 1.5$ (100 bullets Currently Short Supply) M4 - 3.5$ (183 bullets Currently Short Supply) [Money] Currently only have 20million for sale Selling all at once 30$ I am willing to use a middleman if needed. IF the middleman requires extra payment for the time and work you will be the one paying the extra middleman fee. I can provide proof of Weapons/Money you are purchasing if needed. Also Selling a level 21 ACCOUNT With a bunch of goods on it money/guns/Properties etc PM me for more information. I can give screenshots of /stats of the account if needed but with sensitive information blurred out.
  7. [Method Sold for $94] THREAD ARCHIVED
  8. I'm looking to buy a Medium End LSRP account, preferably with high level, etc. I have a budget of $40, but please be reasonable when it comes to pricing. I only deal with trusted sellers who have a reputation in this market. Things I'm looking for in the account: At least $2,000,000 in cash. Houses, cars, etc, doesn't matter. Must be at least level 20 or above.
  9. The title says it all , I have an account that is Level 16, has an apartament in Idlewood, few cheap cars such as Admiral and Burrito. If you are interested in just grabbing some cash without the actuall account we could think of something, PM me for more.

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