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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, like I wrote in the title i'm searching for an dm/gangwar gamemode, the better it is, the more i'm willing to pay. example are: https://ggwtdm.com https://ls-sw.net/ http://www.monser.ru/ Thank you and I'll hope for replys. Payment can done with Paypal/Bitcoin or Bank Transfer if you're legit.
  2. Qustark's Deathmatch or for short QDM is a new Deathmatch server on 0.3.7! We are hoping to give you an amazing deathmatch experience. Our script is not only based on deathmatch, but also Team deahmatch, and freeroam where you can do anything at all, go AFK, roam freely, etc. Hostname: [0.3.7] Qustark's Deathmatch Address: Website: Not Ready yet. Discord: Click me QDM is currently based on three different types of modes, DM, TDM and Freeroam, new modes might come in near future. DM mode is free-for-all place where you can kill anyone as much as you like We got scripted CBUG arena, where you dont have to CBUG manually, its automatiac, other than that arena, you cannot cbug at all which is scripted as-well. TDM Mode has FIVE different teams, Grove, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas and Cops all teams have their seprate bases away from each other with different type of vehicles parked at their base, there is a lot of things planned for this mode which will appear soon. We got Duel system which supports from 1 VS 1 upto 4 VS 4 and has 6 different maps. Basically there is not much to do in this mode its being more developed, you can go afk there kill as many people as much you like you wont loose anything at freeroam its made for the people who likes to roam around.

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