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Found 8 results

  1. I am new to this so please bare with me. Money 1mil - 5$ 5mil - 15$ 10mil - 25$ 20mil - 35$ Drugs Coke - 25$ (1 ounce 100% strength) MDMA - 15$ ( 1 ounce 70-80% strength) Weed - 10$ (1 ounce 70-75% strength) Accounts/Handbooks Lvl 24 LS:PD account - 60$ ( PM ME FOR Screenshots/More Info) HANDBOOKS COMING SOON Weapons Deagles - 1.30$ (Only have 20 selling ONLY all at once) Can provide screenshots etc if needed can also use a middleman. If there are any middleman fees i'm not paying them. Minimum order 25$ OFFERING DISCOUNTS/SPECIAL DEALS FOR BIG ORDERS/LONG TERM BUYERS
  2. [Method Sold for $94] THREAD ARCHIVED
  3. Selling 2 accounts Account 1 -Over 30m worth of stuff - 8+ Characthers, main one level 20, others 3+ -Some licenses aswell -In Entertainment business -Guns - Drugs Account 2 - 70m worth of stuff - Many cars - Guns - Drugs -
  4. I have 300 ounces of drugs in total, to be specific that is all Cocaine, but I can do other drugs as well. Discounts when buying in bulk, the deal will be done professionally and with RP of course, admins won't suspect anything. I have no problem with doing the deal with hu$tle lawyer as the middleman, but I expect the expenses to be covered by the buyer. (Unless in other conditions, e.g. buying drugs in noticeable amounts) I do deals ONLY in Multimart PM's, as the rules themselves say no other form of communication may be used. GUNS 2 Shotguns 1 Deagle and 1 knife left. PM for more information. A lot of hacks, an undetectable VPN and a drug duplication method (infinite drugs) on sale. PM. Also writing character apps.
  5. I'm currently selling weapons and drugs on ls-rp, you are promised to get the item instantly after the payment. We can use a middle-man but you need to cover the fee. Guns & Drugs as well as what is available to be sold right away you can check by dropping me a PM.

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