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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, like I wrote in the title i'm searching for an dm/gangwar gamemode, the better it is, the more i'm willing to pay. example are: https://ggwtdm.com https://ls-sw.net/ http://www.monser.ru/ Thank you and I'll hope for replys. Payment can done with Paypal/Bitcoin or Bank Transfer if you're legit.
  2. GAMEMODE + UCP: LSRP 99.9% [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] GAMEMODE: [ ! ]: The gamemode is complete and there are many other systems, but I'm just showing the main systems. NO BUGS. Videos: http://bit.ly/2CVlohg -Phone system | script 100% lsrp -Trucker Job COMPLETE | script 100% lsrp = -Governmental faction | script 100% lsrp -Donate system complete | script 100% lsrp -House system - complete with furniture | script 100% lsrp -Funiture System Complete | script 100% lsrp -Fish system | script 100% lsrp -Vehicle system | script 100% lsrp -Stealing vehicles system | script 100% lsrp -Clothing system | script 100% lsrp -Mechanic system | script 100% lsrp -Meal system Textdraws | script 100% lsrp -Drugs system | script 100% lsrp [-----------------------------------------] UCP: [ ! ]: The UCP has many functions, but I am showing and speaking only of the main ones. Imagenes: https://imgur.com/a/z1bHo -About donate: All the donate are the same as the LS-RP.com -If you want to check, look here -Buy Donate -Change your local email and passwords -Change your spawn location -Changes the login security code -See the stats of your characters -You can do a lot of things on the UCP, I don't have time to show everything, because it's too much Admin: -Accepts and refuses applications -You can create account and characters -Create news and announcements in the main menu -Send message to all players via UCP -find players characters and see all the details [-----------------------------------------] [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] [PD]: Before someone talks shit, yes, I can prove that I have everything I'm putting up for sale, if you have interest text me on skype, I'll open the server for you to see the script.
  3. Raymond01

    Looking for gamemode

    Hello there! I need to purchase RolePlay Gamemode just like RC-RP or LS-RP! Please contact me! Facebook: Temo Qobuladze : https://www.facebook.com/TemoQobuladze1 Discord: T3MO#3338
  4. karlss

    [BUYING] DayZ scripts

    Hi, I'm buying DayZ script.
  5. PlayerUnkw

    [BUY] Gamemode and UCP

    I'm looking for quite complete gamemode. Business system / house / doors fully dynamic. Business system connected with trucker, order calculator and configurable products. System of rental houses, decorate and sell. Major factions such as; police, sheriff, firemen, doctors all with their respective police computers connected to UCP. Business system so that each person can create their mechanic workshop, delivery company ... Inventory system / pockets with visible objects that can be consumed. You can exchange hands. (important) My interest would be in finding a good programmer, paying him monthly to work for me. A serious project with older and mature people. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. Discord: Takumi86#1719 Email: [email protected] skype: srrtowindows


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