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Found 10 results

  1. Fort Carson Roleplay is a brand new medium roleplay server based in Fort Carson and it's remote areas. We've all been players ourselves and we know what we desire from a good server to have a fun roleplaying experience. We offering a professional staff team and unique features in development, we're here to offer you more than simple promises. server.fc-roleplay.com:7777 http://fc-roleplay.com/ // FEATURES \\ - Dynamic property system - Every house has its own realistic class and you can choose an empty interior to furnish it yourself to meet your desires. - Violence a
  2. Server Information Website: www.lvcnr.net Server IP: server.lvcnr.net:7777 IRC Server: irc.tl IRC Channel: #lvcnr (Echo Chan: #lvcnr.echo) FB: https://www.facebook.com/KCNRSAMP or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrsamp TWEET BIRD: http://twitter.com/kcnrdev or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrdev Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGTzjFtjH1o Gameplay / Script Information At Kar's Cops And Robbers (Originally Las Venturas Cops And Robbers), I am the only scripter. I've scripted this gamemode solely since 2010. From what started out to be Las Venturas Cops And Robbers for 3 years, is now K
  3. [Announcement] JOIN SUPREME ROLEPLAY ***Hiring Leaders*** IP: Website: http://supremeroleplay.ml/You are most welcome!
  4. Looking for a fun, fast-paced TDM & CTF server?With our handmade script, unique features and excellent maps - you'll never be tired of the non-stop action on SAMP Battlefield.Upgrade and progress with our 45 ranks, with many upgrades to choose from to aid your battle!A very friendly community with amazing, down to earth & mature staff.As you can tell, we don't have the best server advert making skills, but you're best off checking us out ingame to see the full feature packed script!Best of all, 2X EXP/CASH for ALL new players (for the first 20 minutes)JOIN THE BATTLE TODAY213.32.64.156
  5. Hey there, I'm selling 4.5m of HZ:RP money and a level 33 account. DM me an offer or add me on Discord: Daro#8856
  6. Hello, I have a self registered Game-MP account I will be auctioning here, which the legitimacy of has been verified by Husky (vouch below). Price without email starts at $100 USD, with email since it's my main and which I use regularly starts at $300 USD. You are allowed to bid your best price and if it's reasonable, we can proceed to settling the deal with vast ease. Payment methods I accept: Bitcoin (preferably), PayPal (as an alternative), SKF Pay, CS:GO Skins, Skrill (as last option) Disclaimer: I reserve the right to choose any offer. Cheers!
  7. I'm not trying to convince anyone in order to join, but, you can give it a try, maybe a couple days could help the growth. Heres the IP anyways, I don't expect much:
  8. Does anyone have this UCP to sell me?
  9. IP: | forums: www.coreroleplay.net | discord.gg/P9KKfcG |
  10. Hello guys, We have opened new trucking server called as Professional Truckers Community (PTC). While playing on our server you work as a trucker driver, police officer, mechanic, bus driver, mafia and pilot. You can buy yourself a house and a lot of cars. Take part of our drift and rally competitions. Join us today, IP address:
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