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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, like I wrote in the title i'm searching for an dm/gangwar gamemode, the better it is, the more i'm willing to pay. example are: https://ggwtdm.com https://ls-sw.net/ http://www.monser.ru/ Thank you and I'll hope for replys. Payment can done with Paypal/Bitcoin or Bank Transfer if you're legit.
  2. Hello everyone, i'm speaking on behalf of Redridge Roleplay Staff team, our San Andreas Multiplayer server is currently online right now, but it is not available for our players which we already have them on our Discord server (Invite link will be written below this paragraph) , So i'm here trying to get more good people like you fellas to our upcoming SA:MP project, and we're currently working on our FiveM Gamemode which is a Grand theft Auto 5 based program, it's gonna be a hard roleplay server called Redridge Roleplay too, i told you guys about our V project just to inform you guys about it and to support us by joining our Discord server and staying tuned for more information.. The SA:MP server will be online within two or three days maximum.. Here is the invite link to our Main discord server We'll be honored to have you guys there.. discord.gg/VgMKeKC
  3. GAMEMODE + UCP: LSRP 99.9% [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] GAMEMODE: [ ! ]: The gamemode is complete and there are many other systems, but I'm just showing the main systems. NO BUGS. Videos: http://bit.ly/2CVlohg -Phone system | script 100% lsrp -Trucker Job COMPLETE | script 100% lsrp = -Governmental faction | script 100% lsrp -Donate system complete | script 100% lsrp -House system - complete with furniture | script 100% lsrp -Funiture System Complete | script 100% lsrp -Fish system | script 100% lsrp -Vehicle system | script 100% lsrp -Stealing vehicles system | script 100% lsrp -Clothing system | script 100% lsrp -Mechanic system | script 100% lsrp -Meal system Textdraws | script 100% lsrp -Drugs system | script 100% lsrp [-----------------------------------------] UCP: [ ! ]: The UCP has many functions, but I am showing and speaking only of the main ones. Imagenes: https://imgur.com/a/z1bHo -About donate: All the donate are the same as the LS-RP.com -If you want to check, look here -Buy Donate -Change your local email and passwords -Change your spawn location -Changes the login security code -See the stats of your characters -You can do a lot of things on the UCP, I don't have time to show everything, because it's too much Admin: -Accepts and refuses applications -You can create account and characters -Create news and announcements in the main menu -Send message to all players via UCP -find players characters and see all the details [-----------------------------------------] [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] [PD]: Before someone talks shit, yes, I can prove that I have everything I'm putting up for sale, if you have interest text me on skype, I'll open the server for you to see the script.
  4. MaceoPlex

    Selling RC-RP cash

    Selling few million of IC-cash on RCRP samp server. Middle-man will be used. 9J (GBP) each million and there is no /minimum of 2m only/ thing.
  5. Introduction to Texas Roleplay Approximately one month ago, two individuals, including myself, began working on a discord server, named The Army Base. It wasn't supposed to be any serious project, but just a fun-based discord server, with military ranks that are automatically assigned to anyone who joins the discord, starting from the Private rank. After a week had passed, we both came to a decision to start a gaming server, once again, like we did in the past. During that period of time, we had difficulties in choosing to work with either SAMP, MTA or GTA 5. It was later brought to our attention that San Andreas Multiplayer has an high population and has been in existence since day one. That was.. the beginning of.. Texas Roleplay. What do we have to offer to the public? A lot of persons have been asking themselves this question quite frequently when they see a new gaming server being released into the public.. "what makes it different from the others?" Well.. we have some awesome features that some servers may already have (that's not a doubt) and what some of them may not have. 50-60% of the systems that will be experienced in Texas Roleplay were made my myself. Description of the server Texas Roleplay originated from our former MTA Community, named Project Reality Roleplay, and majorly (not mainly) based on the state of Texas, United States of America. The mapping of buildings and faction headquarters are currently under the development phase, which means the server is currently locked and is undergoing a beta version. Most of the awesome features are already implemented but before we share the IP Address and forum url to the public, we chose to give it a few more days for our beta testers to check for any possible bugs and/or glitches that they may have, and can ruin your experience here. Are we in need of staff members? This question has been asked a lot of times in the past. Yes, yes we are in need of staff members. We're not gonna' compare ourselves to other communities and limit ourselves to a certain amount of staff members. If you have the knowledge of what it takes to be an admin or moderator and you're positive enough that you'll be able to maneuver tasks that are assigned to you, then you're IN! whereas, if you don't have an adequate amount of knowledge or you don't have any knowledge a tol, don't worry, you're IN as well! We're all human beings and everything takes time to learn new things. We all started off as normal players, and that's a fact. Contact Joker#9818 (this is my discord) when you're in the discord server if you're interested in becoming a staff member. Contact Information Since I mentioned that this community was recently introduced to the public, it's not expected to have a HUGE amount of players or participants. We have a discord server: Join it by using this link: https://discord.gg/HvUUSSE/ Our forums are up and running but not released to the public, as yet. It's under maintenance as you're reading this post! Hope to see you there! Regards, Texas Roleplay Staff Members.
  6. Raymond01

    Looking for gamemode

    Hello there! I need to purchase RolePlay Gamemode just like RC-RP or LS-RP! Please contact me! Facebook: Temo Qobuladze : https://www.facebook.com/TemoQobuladze1 Discord: T3MO#3338
  7. Qustark's Deathmatch or for short QDM is a new Deathmatch server on 0.3.7! We are hoping to give you an amazing deathmatch experience. Our script is not only based on deathmatch, but also Team deahmatch, and freeroam where you can do anything at all, go AFK, roam freely, etc. Hostname: [0.3.7] Qustark's Deathmatch Address: Website: Not Ready yet. Discord: Click me QDM is currently based on three different types of modes, DM, TDM and Freeroam, new modes might come in near future. DM mode is free-for-all place where you can kill anyone as much as you like We got scripted CBUG arena, where you dont have to CBUG manually, its automatiac, other than that arena, you cannot cbug at all which is scripted as-well. TDM Mode has FIVE different teams, Grove, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas and Cops all teams have their seprate bases away from each other with different type of vehicles parked at their base, there is a lot of things planned for this mode which will appear soon. We got Duel system which supports from 1 VS 1 upto 4 VS 4 and has 6 different maps. Basically there is not much to do in this mode its being more developed, you can go afk there kill as many people as much you like you wont loose anything at freeroam its made for the people who likes to roam around.
  8. ~SANTOS STREETS ROLEPLAY~ We are BACK!! for those who played before, You can enjoy the game once again! Experience the Very essence of Role-play! with lots of things you can do. Job system is Great, we have Basketball system where you can Place your bets, an Unknown Island where you can Plant weed safe or illegal Faction meet ups and much more updates coming, as we're still on BETA. this is not exaggeration this is all FACTS and TRUE! Come and play with us at Santos Streets Role-Play. Discord Invite Link: >>Join our Discord!<< Server IP: Forum: Forum Link Thank you.
  9. Welcome to Immense Roleplay, bringing you an immense gaming experience. UPDATE - 15/09/2018 - We've added a NEW LUMBERJACK JOB Check this insanity out! We're based on San Fierro, providing you an unique and enriching SA:MP gaming experience. I am not gonna start up mentioning each and every feature with the word Dynamic on it. We're used to that, isn't it boring? Well yeah it is. Some old fellas said once, "Pictures talk a thousand words" Website - https://immenserp.com SAMP - samp.immenserp.com:7777 Discord - discord.immenserp.com Facebook - fb.me/immenserp JOIN UP NOW! We're offering 7 days of Immense VIP for new players. And you might not know what else is waiting for you in-game
  10. Morning. Looking to buy LS-RP with a high level char with assets or any assets separately. Characters with factions are highly welcome. Send me a pm, I've got pounds. Middle-man will be used. looking asap.
  11. Ever wanted to play liberty city, Vice city, and San Andreas all on the same map in freeroam? Well now you can, on Verloor Mindstate we have all the cities on the same map in a freeroam environment. Godmode, teleporting, spawning vehicles and weapons, all free. Server: Verloor Mindstate ( Discord: https://discord.gg/R26aNF7
  12. Zakaih

    Selling two SARP accounts

    Got a level 29 account and one other high level account for sale, looking for offers, will namechange them to something new so it stays discreet, stats are a bit poor, about 1m on each probably, three cars, one has a sultan and some other vehicles, other has three cars too, can use $Hustle as middleman if you want, I'm verified anyways. PM me or add me on skype. [email protected]
  13. PewRepy

    Pawno Scripting

    Any SAMP Scripter or Developers around?
  14. crossbreak

    Alpha Gaming Roleplay

    HostName: Alpha Gaming Roleplay(Double XP) Address: Players: 4 / 100 Ping: 232 Mode: AL:RP v1.0(c) Language: English Server is completely fineand all things are managed. Forums will be managed in a day Not much refunds Join our community now Reply Quick Reply
  15. ForestLawndry

    Need for Speed Roleplay

    Need for speed RP is a new very soon to open server meant to give a great racing roleplay experience. We decided to mix and match with nfs hot pursuit and NFS underground 2 combined. We have a small but good staff team and are gonna recruit more when we get a solid amount of players on. We have a strict rule on gun and drug usage making it unnecessary to use guns and drugs to get a job done. Further important info I.e robbing and scamming guidelines can be found both on our discord and website. Web: http://needforspeedrp.boards.net Discord: https://discord.gg/FjHaTkd
  16. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Forum: http://funkys-dm.xyz/ Server IP: -Soon- Discord servera: https://discord.gg/xwcaGZY Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Funkys-Deathmatch-217066689029943/ Funky's Deatmatch team started working on the gamemode and forums for a while now,but because of the problems with the host that we are dealing with you can except server IP very soon. Server game mode is being worked on full throtle our developer is finishing last bits of the script and its only a matter of time when the server will be up and running. The forum is made to be simple for new players and contains everything for those who are active. While waiting on the server you can join us on our discord server where you can give suggestions for forum/server and talk to other members of our discord server. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SERVER INFORMATION In game you can expect: Simple registration system. Unique spawn. A bunch of deathmatch arenas which will be updated. Unique duel system. Clan system where clans will compete for tursf and money. A bunch of interesting events. Deathmatch ranks, so the players can compete among each-other. Achievement system with rewards for those who accomplish those achievements. Custom skins for clans, donators and regular players. Registration: Simple server registration that doesn't take much time,easy game access. Spawn: Curent spawn is a classic interier , meanwhile it is planned to create a unique spawn that will give a nicer impression while staying in it. Using command /dm you activate a menu where you can see a list of arenas , clicking on them teleports you to the arena. Arenas: Every arena has a different set of weapons, where the player chooses with which one he will fight. Duels: Simple duel system where you choose your opponent , then the menu opens where you chose a map and weapons. Clans: Clans work like squads. Fights for the teritories in the Los Santos,also with money supremacy over other clans. Clans rank list. Events: Events in which everyone can participate,events will be unique and updated. Participating in them you win money prizes and some other prizes. Ranks: Rank list of players with most kills. Fights for the best players,with money prizes and others. Achievements: Players get quests for which they have to fight ,one of them is MVP (first player to get ''X'' kills). Custom skins: Clans have custom skins that are requested by the clan leader. Donators have personal custom skins that only they can use. Players get skins with achievemnts,events or ranks,they can also buy some of the skins. Since the server is relativly new , for more information we suggest you join our server or forums where we post about development changelogs. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCREENSHOTS Registracija/Login /stats Admin sistem Lista komandi Donator sistem Acchievement sistem Gasenje textdrawa Arene
  17. Hello, Valkyrie Deathmatch is a upcoming SA:MP community, it started the development for now almost 2 months. We're proud of our gamemode, and we're really working hard on this project so we can deliver a great user experience and bring unique features. The gamemode is made from scratch and it's still under development, we believe that the server with our features will become popular and it will have a great playerbase. These are the features that we've developed so far: DM and TDM Arenas Brawlhalla Minigames V.I.P Events Duels ( 1v1 / 2v2) And that won't be all, hopefully before the launch we've planned on adding more things: Duels that support up to 3V3 players More DM / TDM arenas, minigames and events. Gang Wars (with points) A Freeroam world (where you will be able to rob banks, stores etc...) Manhunt Crews and many more... We're also planning on making a V server, so don't hesitate to join us if you're a GTA V fan. Website: http://valkyrie-gaming.com Forums: http://valkyrie-gaming.com/forums IP: Discord: https://discord.me/valkyriedm We invite you over to our humble community so we can have some fun together and watch this server grow day by day with your help.
  18. Hey all, it's me Tango one out of two of the owners who run DFRP (formerly known as Visionary Gaming Roleplay/VGRP). We are a server based in Las Ventaurus & the Bone County area.As of currently we are looking for a couple Trial Administrators to help us progress and hold a few positions before release so we can be prepared ( visionary-gaming.boards.net/thread/12/trial-admin-application-open?page=1&scrollTo=21 ). We hope you join us as we are trying to reach a goal of a good grand opening when our scripts are finished.All development questions are to be posted in the website ( visionary-gaming.boards.net ) or discord ( discord.gg/nAAkE6F ).TLDR: - Hiring Staff.- Server isn't finished however we need some staff to help make it happen.Info:discord.gg/nAAkE6Fvisionary-gaming.boards.net
  19. ForestLawndry

    Visionary Gaming Roleplay

    VGRP is a Heavy Roleplay server based in the city of Las Ventaurus and the Bone County area, we have lots of great features to show aswell as a lot of clubs and casinos around town that will surely make you want to stay longer! We offer a great staff team available 95% of the day, 7 days a week along with a great development team building our server. We hope to see you around for our grand opening and further more into the future! We have big plans to improve VGRP we want to apologise to the others, we do not yet have our server up, but when it is up it will be great, we won't disappoint in the release and will be sure to bug test *everything*. Discord: https://discord.gg/FFwTSTC Website: http://visionary-gaming.boards.net
  20. Server IP: Website: www.LasVenturas.Net The server, LVCNR, is competing with the fastest growing communities of SA:MP. Thanks to your support, we have been able to make a good player base along with an increase in the average of players per day in no time. Server gets a lot of regular updates and provides all resources for the community to touch new highs in the sky! The community serves on high speed magnificent servers with exceptional hardware resources & is aired on SA-MP Hosted Tab. Server Features Group Robbery Clothes System Vehicle Objects System Dynamic House System House Furniture System Custom House interiors Gangs & Zones Annexation System Fishing System (Lake & Sea) Cop Ranks System Dynamic Business System Pay Day System, with Taxes, Bank Interests & VIP Bonus Class specific base-camps (Rob-able) Several jobs Pray System Lottery & Coupon System Player Assets (with death) drop & pickup System - The GTA Style! Dynamic GPS System New robbery locations Bloodshed effect while shot (Similar to Counter-strike) Several In-Server Games (Minigames) Vehicle system Various events organized by admins Automatic Money Bag system Several Missions Bus Driver Missions Construction Site Missions Fork-Lifts Sweeper Missions Delivery Missions Trash Collection Missions, etc. more. And many Server Trailers & Media http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEB-Jw45PF4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlDZXUMyULM LVCNR Android App The first CnR server to have an android app hosted on G-Play Store! Preview: Download: Advanced Player Dashboard (UCP) ucp.lasventuras.net Website & Media www.LasVenturas.net WWW.LVCNR.XYZ WWW.LVCNR.CO Social: https://fb.lasventuras.net/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/lvcnr/ LVCNR Wiki LVCNR Wiki Hub IRC Server - IRC.TL (6667); Channel - #lv-cnr WebIRC: Click Here Discord LVCNR Discord Server: Click Here The Comeback So, after a sabbatical of almost 4 years, I am very pleased to announce the come-back of our very own astounding and the Original Las Venturas Cops & Robbers community! The LVCNR community was shut back in 2011, leaving behind an inlet for various other servers to creep in and claim themselves as our protrudes. I am highly indebted to all those people who have been a part in re-establishing the lost community, back on SA-MP. And, here we are, actually presenting before you the same old LVCNR reincarnated into a new form, on the same old official web-domain! The community serves on high speed magnificent servers with exceptional hardware resources & is aired on SA-MP Hosted Tab. The old LVCNR Connection Link: The Flashback There are several interesting elements and surprises that have been added in the game, which would cherish your old memories! Server Statistics Graph Source: SACNR Monitor


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